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A simple email from our professor really made it sink in that the due date is quickly approaching us.  She reminded us to make sure that we bring all of our garments to class on Wednesday, so that we can check our progress and determine whether or not it is physically possible to finish on time! We have about a week  left!

For some, this may be a difficult task…Yes we are all guilty of procrastinating (especially with the weather FINALLY starting to warm up)  We will be knitting until the wee hours of the morning, yet loving every second of it.  We will be knitting on the subway ride to school, the subway ride from school, and knitting during our lunch breaks at our internships…maybe?

Yes, unlike 99% of New Yorkers I spent my friday evening in, but what was I doing?  Knitting with one of my close friends and chatting over a glass of “grape juice”  ;-).   (Of course my cat was there to keep us company). See…I told you knitting was cool.  And FUN. Somehow I’m not convinced everyone believes me yet.

After all of our knitting is complete we have to put the pieces together.  This can be done by a few different methods, one being by hand (which takes FOREVER) and the other is by using the linker – a spikey little plate of doom.  (See Below)  It’s actually not THAT scary – its just stressful because for certain parts of the garment you have to make sure that every single little stitch has its own needle/spike/thing.  SO, we meticulously hang each and every little loop onto the machine in order to join are garments together.  Then you turn a crank and it makes the wheel spin.  Your yarn is threaded through the machine and when the wheel cranks, it pushes a needle through the loops, making a chain stitch that will hold the garment together.

photo 2

(Garment In Pieces Above, Linking it together below)

photo 3In the case of my personal collection, I’m using woven accents which had to be sewn together with a sewing machine.  Although I’ve basically been sewing since I first saw daylight, studying knitwear has made my sewing skills quite rusty.  In theory I knew how to sew my pieces together (I’m a sewing tutor at school so it’s actually my job to know!) But, when it came to actually sewing them together…it was much more difficult to sew a straight line than I remembered!

After some struggles, it all came together and of course I had to try it on and take a “Selfie”. (Which I clearly never do. Because let’s face it…this picture is awful)photo 4


So, wish us luck until next week!  I will have lots of sneak peeks for you! Meow. photo 1

x0x0 Morgan


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