March Madness!

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As many of us know in sports March is known for something called March Madness (ok lets be real maybe not many F.I.T students know this, and the only reason I know is because of my sports crazed fiancé). But in my personal opinion this years March Madness applies to all the F.I.T BFA graduates who are literally going mad trying to get everything done in time for judging day. As an intimate apparel specialization we do things quite differently from other specializations. From the beginning of the year up to mid March we concentrate on our first ensembles rather than work on two garments at once like many of the other specializations do. We are required to completely finish (sewing wise, not appliqueing beading or embellishing) our garments by March 19th, which just happened to be this past Wednesday. I’m almost positive no one got sleep that Tuesday night into Wednesday morning but it was kind of worth the loss. The garments really did look great and I’m excited to show you some sneak previews with the permission of my lovely classmates :)

In addition to our garments being due we also had the privilege to meet with our critic for a second time for any last minute advice/suggestions. It was fun to have a chance to present our garments because the last time she had seen our ideas it was on a piece of paper. She was really happy about everyone’s progress and loved seeing our sketches come to life! (I personally think that’s the best part of designing, watching something two dimensional come to life in a three dimensional way).

Anywho it was kind of nice to have a break from sewing and draping on Wednesday but it’s back to the drawing board now as we all have to frantically move on to our next ensemble for our senior thesis collections. We literally have just a matter of 3 weeks to have our drapes done, sew up prototypes (which we tend to do before directly cutting our final garment just incase there are any alterations that need to be done), and sew our final garment as well as finish up any embellishing and appliqueing that needed to be done to our first garment (or in my case wait for more lace to come in from France to applique onto my skirt!) No pressure.

But really, when all is said and done I think our class has done a great job pulling out some amazing ideas and making it come to life in such a crazy semester filled with snowstorms school trips etc. I’m super excited to see what everyone comes up with next.

Here are a few Photos of our garments that we presented on Wednesday Morning <3 Enjoy!

Close up of some details on my garment :)

Close up of some details on my garment :)

Full length shot

Full length shot don’t mind the color of the stocking these mannequins are as pale as a Vampire

Students helping each other set up for presentation (We really are like family at this point)

Students helping each other set up for presentation (We really are like family at this point)


photo 5-1

photo 1-1

photo 4-1

photo 3-1

photo 2-1


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