Pre-Judging Aftermath

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I’m currently running on about three hours of sleep from last night. I had to do some finishing touches on my first and second ensembles last night to be ready for pre-judging today. I also had to write a paper for my U.S. History class, which I hadn’t gotten to because I’ve been too busy working on my garments. Anyway, for those who don’t know, pre-judging consists of our professor and critic deciding which garments should be shown at the official fashion show judging this Wednesday. The entire class had a great presentation. I’ll add an update later on with photos from today. Overall, I think we have 33 out of 40 garments moving on to judging, which is great. Our critic, Flora Nikrooz, also announced that the critic award winner for Intimate Apparel is Alina for her beautiful bodysuit and gown ensemble. Congrats!!

Tomorrow from 2-3 pm is Intimate Apparel’s time slot to set our garments up in the Great Hall in preparation for judging on Wednesday. This comes with its own set of stressful challenges, especially because the dress forms are smaller than our forms in class. This is hard for intimates, because the vast majority of our garments sit right against the body. Unfortunately for me, I have two shapewear garments so I’m sure tomorrow will prove to be interesting!

I’m already pushing my limits by being awake for this long and feel like my body is slowly shutting down, so stay tuned for photos from today’s critique as well as a close-up of the critic award winning garment! Also, the Great Hall is open from 2-4 pm on Wednesday for friends and family to come see the entire BFA presentation for all the Fashion Design specializations, so come check it out if you have time!

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