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I cannot even explain how exhausted I have been lately. Every morning, like clockwork, I get up at 7:30 and make my way to school. Tons of iced coffee and sugar and a 13 hr shift later I am back in bed and setting my alarm to take on the next day. My fingers are bleeding from needles and machines, my hands are shakey, and my visions blurry. I don’t even know how many consecutive days I have been at school/work. Don’t get me wrong, the ONLY reason I can do this is because I love what I’m doing and I love seeing it finally come together. I have just a few little things to fix with my garments so I am happy and am finally back on track! Our pre-judging is Wednesday and I am starting to get really nervous. My class is really strong and have all worked so hard! I just hope I have worked hard enough to make it to judging! Anyway it works out though, I am happy with what I have done and I know I’ve worked to hard to get here so I feel accomplished!

This week I’ll grab some pics of my friends amazing work! I am so proud of all of us making it this far.. even though it meant skipping some classes and ruining our social lives..

Here’s my two looks at there current state!

I need to get them polished and ready for display so they look fancy you know?

Anyways I am going to bed .. long few days ahead and I need the only time I get for myself!


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