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Hello Fellow Fashionistas,

I missed you dearly seeing as my only friend has been my dress form Naomi, for the past few weeks. On a positive note the first round of judging is two weeks away giving us all something to aspire to while a great sense of relief awaits us.

Since it has been my unofficial job to cheer people up, make them laugh, etc. I thought I would use this as an opportunity to introduce you to my world…

Walking the Halls

Walking the Halls

F.I.T. is a design school, and despite our lack of national coverage in magazines such as Cosmo, Seventeen, and the like, everyday here is a fashion show. Did I mention that professional models attend here as well. Shh… there a young lady here from the Marc Jacobs ad campaigns. #NotKidding

My Wife, Miss Rachel Roy

My Wife, Miss Rachel Roy

Someone who is really living the American dream and started from the bottom up is Miss Rachel Roy. Click here to see her in action and get an idea of what we are up to here on 27th street, minus the make-up tests and thought provoking hair ideas.

I hope you found this post insightful and downright uplifting. As they say “keep on trucking”!


XoXo – Mark E.



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