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Hey guys!

I’m Aimee and I’m here to take you inside the basement of F.I.T. …. the knitting dungeon! So let me brief you on what I will be working on this semester! I am working on some pieces inspired by the rainforest. There’s a lot of prints and fun color.. well bubblegum colored things if you think that defines fun. Anyways, below are my sketches for the show… (subject to multiple changes along this journey)
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Now that you have an idea of what my style looks like I can show you some of the technical work behind this and what I have been working on this past week!

Below are the patterns I am drafting to mock up my prototypes. fun fun!

and I also got a bunch of cotton yarn in!

but I believe there is a lot more yarn I am going to have to purchase that I’m going to have to test out for these garments!

Today was a fun day though! I started working on my intarsia sweater and I’m really excited about it! I’m using the Stoll machine to knit down the sweater so my work is all computer generated!
Here is the image I used for the sweater exported into 4 colors which will translate into 4 yarn colors..

and then here it is translated into the stoll program
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Unfortunately I was not able to knit down the swatch today because the file I’ve made on the computer is quite complicated to knit and will take a little more time than I bargained for, but nonetheless it shall be done!

Will keep up with you guys through the week!

Ask me questions if you have them! I’d love to give you guys a chance to have all your questions answered, too whether it be about knitting, or fashion, or F.I.T. or what I had for lunch, or if my knitwear girls and I refer to ourselves as knitty biddys.. WHATEVER YOU GOT. sky’s the limit!

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