Toy Story said it best: Strange things are Happening!

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We are approaching the final stretch!  D-day is only 5 days away, and stress levels have already begun to overflow.  As we finish up our second ensemble, we are already sketching our third.  We are in FULL OVERLOAD mode, and are neglecting classes left and right.  We’ve stopped showering, eating, and sleeping. Our normal body functions will slowly start to fade, and we will forget to do simple things such as blink and regulate our body temperatures.  What keeps us going?  A mix of fear and hope.  Fear of the wrath that comes with not completing a garment on time, and hope that somehow or someway this will all be worth it.  These next days will be filled with sore fingers, ravenous trips to the garment district, and hallucinations of red flags.  Apparently most of us have lost our minds and strange things truly are happening… which makes for great video footage ;)  Enjoy.

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  1. LOL, good article, and I like the video too.
    I agree, that meeting any type of deadline can be a stressful situation.

  2. Horacio Jaurigue says:

    Our normal body functions will slowly start to fade??

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