Who wants a 16-yard cotton Petticoat?

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To execute my cotton ensemble, I needed volume and LOTS of it.  I decided to execute the second petticoat of my life using cotton organdy.  Of course, the organdy only came in white so I had to dye it to ivory- which in turn, washed out all the starch.  I spent over 6 hours (actually almost 10 hours)  ironing and starching this fabric over two days.  Now that it feel like paper, it is perfect petticoat material.  I realize it kind of look like little house on the prairie, but it’s so pretty!  Onto the robe at this point.  The robe with be made of sheer cotton tulle which will drape over the petticoat.  8 days and counting friends.


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  1. Marie says:

    I actually love it… Keep up the good work

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