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Yesterday was a bit of a roller coaster of emotions.  I was prepared to not get into the show and to support for my fellow classmates who would trek on.  I was at my internship when I got the email about the results of the show and had to re-read the list to make sure that my name was really on it.

I GOT IT!  WOW, really?!

The dress that got in

The dress that got in

There were so many beautiful pieces and they picked mine to be one of the 11 special occasion students that got in.  Apparently I am still shocked and in awe.  My whole state of mine had to change.  Now I have a fitting and have to find shoes for the show.

I wasted no time.  Its shoe shopping I mean come on.  I think that I hit about 10 shoe stores in like 2 hrs and managed to purchase 3 pairs.  I couldn’t decide. Like everything I have a budget of $30.  I know that is like nothing.  But I had to say under my budget of $1000 for my three dresses so I figured I can do this too.

The fitting is on Monday at noon.  The shoes need to be approved and the dress needs to be altered in the back to fit the model perfectly.  Seriously still in shock.  Thank you for all the support of my friends and family.  This was a rough week.  Looking forward to the show.  I hope that everyone will watch it on line of be in the audience!

Shoes for the show

Shoes for the show


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  1. Carlynne says:

    I love that this dress got in! I love this dress! especially since what’s his bucket didn’t even choose it to go forward! Ha ha ha!!!!! I love this dress sooooo stinkn’ much and am so glad it got in! I love the shoes with the bows and the latch! they are very Alice in Wonderland! but the last pair is more streamlined of course so maybe you like those better. but fun shoes are always just fun! I’m so glad this dress got in the show! wait, did I already say that? LOL!

  2. Suzanne says:


  3. Nasya says:

    Thank you for the complements! Glad that you are going to the show! Hehe I kept the shoes with the cute bows, so now I can wear them and feel Alice in wonderland-ish.

  4. steve says:

    very impressed with all your designs people. Some wonderful works of art. If you get around to starting your own clothing company, you are welcome to get your start up featured on our site. Regards Steve

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