Spring Break 2010 All Inclusive… Tech Pack.

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Here we are… Spring Break 2010.  Visions of Puerto Rico, all-inclusive resorts, teeny-weeny bikinis, Mojitos on the beach, potential “friends” surfing the waves, hot sun, sand between your toes and —



What I mean is visions of 7:30 am alarms, sopping wet commutes to school, underground dungeon retreats, rainbows of potential yarns, knitting machines galore, stray yarn stuck to your jeans, teeny-weeny transfer needles, and CRAP there’s a run in my knitting what the frick do I do?!  CAN I FIX IT?! ERRRG that only took me an HOUR TO DO.  WHERE IS MY COCKTAIL — I MEAN CROCHET HOOK?!

*SIGH* Goodbye natural light, bon voyage early spring, farewell polluted New York air.   Bonjour spring break, greetings basement dungeon, and HELLO to a week of knitting.

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  1. Yissel says:

    Dude, trapped in school or not, I’m making time for mojitos!

  2. Writer says:

    My mother had a knittng machine when I was little. You are right, a run is not easy to fix! But it happens to everybody.

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