Happy Birthday Katie!

Balloons and pumpkin cake were waiting for interior design student Katie McTammany at the end of her photography class PH404 this morning. Katie turned 21 today.  She and her classmates had just learned how to saturate and desaturate photos in class with Prof. Brad Farwell. 

               Birthday girl Kathryn McTammany & Hayley Cavagnoll

Cake was lovingly provided by Hayley Cavagnoli.

Saturation wasn’t the only game in town. Curves and levels were topics as well.

                  Katie holding her birthday card from Jessica Mazur


With a hug from one of her peeps.

Photos by Rachel Ellner


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2 Responses to Happy Birthday Katie!

  1. Shannon Leddy says:

    A wonderful and special group of students! Such a happy story and great pics!

  2. Diana says:

    Happy Birthday Katie! Wishing you a successful career in design.

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