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Fine Art as Book Art

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Pastel strokes and earth tones introduce a new book by playwright and novelist, Joanna Gunderson. The front and back cover art for  “she or the unknown person,” was created by Fine Arts Department Chair, Stephanie DeManuelle. The 159-page paperback was recently published by Red Dust, Inc.

Stephanie DeManuelle's book cover drawing

Prominent in  DeManuelle’s work, and what can be seen in her book cover art “is gesture, movement and turbulence,” states her website “The rhythms are meant to be a ‘stand in’ for the invisible forces, sensations and tensions that govern our consciousness.”

Image used with permission

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  1. The “gesture,movement,and turbulence” of Stephanie DeManuelle’s cover art recapitulate that of the writing by performance writer Joanna Gunderson. A great cover!

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