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  • Tailoring, Old School

    Squeee!  Can hardly wait to see this… http://menoftheclothfilm.com/ May this art never be lost! By the way, this film has a Facebook page you can like here: https://www.facebook.com/MenOfTheClothFilm And in case you were wondering about the terminology used: http://www.thehogtownrake.com/?p=984  

  • Needles in the Stacks: Couture edition

    Here in the FIT Library, we have many many books on how to make clothing.  There are different points of view on techniques, as well as different types of machinery.  In our last post, we spent time reviewing books about the serging or merrow machine and covered a few of our favorite how-to-get-started books on…

  • Well Suited

    A few days ago on my FB feed, my gentleman acquaintances were discussing this article.  Do you agree or disagree with its many pronouncements?  Heaven knows that today would be a great day for a tweed suit with a vest.   As would many of the days this past month.   Not that it’s surprising that…