Does your writing need citing?

Students reading at a table in the library
FIT students hard at work in the library, from the 1981 yearbook.

It’s paper writing time again on the FIT campus. It seemed like a good time to repost this pointer to the main citation style guides and our research guide How-Tos!

“If you write it, cite it!” V&I post from 2016

We’ve got two good research guides on the subject. Check these for examples of common sources required for FIT assignments. The different FIT schools use different citation styles, so it’s important to know which one your professor expects.

FIT Library research guide on citing APA style

FIT Library research guide on citing MLA style


The Research Services Desk in the FIT Library
The Research Services Desk, 5th floor of the FIT Library.


There will be one more Citation Salon in the library this spring, on April 30. If you need help, though, you can always come to the library and ask at the Research Services Desk or ask from home via Ask the Library. (Note that this is only staffed during the day and early evenings.)




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