June’s Pride in NYC

Woman in white dress in Puerto Rican Day Parade NYC 2018
Photo from 2018 Puerto Rican Day Parade from nrprdpinc.org

Hello, all!

Here in NYC, June is about parades. There’s the Puerto Rican Day Parade in early June: This is now the largest cultural celebration in the United States:

Watch the 2018 NYC Puerto Rican Day Parade

2018 Puerto Rican Day Parade in pictures

There’s the Mermaid Parade, a leftover of the carnival atmosphere of Coney Island, Brooklyn:

Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman in 2018 Mermaid Parade
Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman, and daughter: 2018 Mermaid Parade royalty. Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images

The Parade’s royal couple this year were Amanda Palmer, musician and essayist, and her husband, author and producer Neil Gaiman. Gaiman has been a longtime activist for libraries.

2018 Mermaid Day Parade pictures

But the most colorful of these is the Pride Parade. Each of the boroughs has its own, smaller parade earlier in the month. These culminate in the biggest one in town, in Manhattan last Sunday of June. Here are some pics of this year’s:

Photo of NYC street during Pride Parade 2018
New York Pride Parade 2018. Photo by Amanda Hatfield.

2018 pictures of Gay Pride Parade in New York City

There’s something to write about New Yorkers’ love of spectacle and glitter, but that’s a post for a different day. A couple years ago, I wrote about the Stonewall Inn and the history of the Gay Pride movement in New York. You can read that below:

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