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Hi, everyone! Here’s this week’s Magazine of the Week:

Lula fashion magazine cover, showing woman in pink jacket

Lula magazine is another of the millenium’s new fashion magazines. This independent title is published 2x/year in London. Begun in 2005, it was the pet project of editor Leith Clark. The sales pitch described the reader as a young woman “with old-fashioned cameras, 70s dresses, patterned stockings, and heavy mascara.” Fans of the magazine described its photo layouts as lush, sun-kissed, kooky, vintagy, and fairy-tale inspired. The content included/s interviews with artists and makers, illustration layouts and fashion photography.

Lula photo flower vine wall nature



Lula‘s first 9 years reflected the passion of Leith Clark, an editor with a youthful and romantic vision. Her aesthetic reflected (and still does) her personal taste which is romantic, passionate about graphic arts, and vintage-inspired. This fit in perfectly with the decade that brought us Oh, Comely and Frankie magazines. Lula was a darling of fashion bloggers and was frequently described as “gorgeous”.





Clark moved on to other projects in 2014. She launched the magazine Violet Book, works as a stylist for Kiera Knightley and Kirsten Dunst, a co-designer for L’Orla, and a style-director-at-large for Harper’s Bazaar UK.

Magazine spread of vintage items

Vintage polaroids




The title’s new editors, Sheila Single, and Maya Kolqvist, changed the magazine’s look to a slightly sleeker, mod aesthetic, without doing away with the overall vintage-y or youthful feel of it. Despite the fact that the title’s website is behaving oddly, their Instagram and Twitter feeds still have lots of recent content.


Lula website

Lula Instagram feed


Magazine illustration zebra animals



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