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Cover of HAPPI magazine showing botanicals as spring product launches

This week’s magazine is HAPPI (Household and Personal Products Industry), a trade publication for the cosmetics industry. It was founded in 1963, and is published 10x/year by Rodman Media Company, in Ramsay, New Jersey. FIT subscribed to it in 1976-79, then picked it up again in 1986. This title reports on soaps and detergents, toiletries and cosmetics, waxes, polishes, insecticides, aerosols, and the chemical makeup and production of other personal products meant to be applied externally to human skin.

Advertisement from HAPPI for makeup pigments by Sandream Impact




Since this is a trade publication, advertising focuses more on creation and patenting of chemical compounds and suppliers of raw materials, such as coconut oil, BASFs Replexium peptide anti-aging complex, silicones, FDA approved dyes and coloring compounds, and testing services.




Page from HAPPI company directory issue, showing "Chemicals, Functional"



The editorial content, however, is far more business focused. Reporting covers business moves, regulatory changes, product formula comparison and discussion, trade shows, new products in development, and markets that are shrinking. In addition, industry evaluation includes detailed sales figures within various market segments and market analysis, and product directories.



Cover of HAPPI 2018 Buyer's Guide issue highlighting anti-aging products




The title is particularly famous for its annual International Buyers Guide, but the title’s website also includes private label and corporate capabilities listings.

Rodman Media, which specializes in trade magazines, publishes several titles we subscribe to, including Beauty Packaging, this one, and Nonwovens Industry.




The HAPPI website

HAPPI’s Facebook page

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