The bigger the dress, the better the occasion!

IRL Princess! Mother and father of the groom tomorrow, Prince Harry, set to marry Meghan Markle tomorrow! Photo for Getty Images

I can’t help it! I’m excited about another royal wedding. I know it’s silly, but there it is.

We lost a week of posting due to some technical problems between FIT and WordPress, for which we apologize. I want to catch up with some (now sooo belated) commentary on the Metropolitan Museum of Art “Heavenly Bodies” Gala on May 7th. And use New York’s biggest fashion evening to talk about the multiple red carpets at Cannes, too. But it’s been busy here, so that will be next week…

Met Gala red carpet looks, photo by Jamie McCarthy for Getty Image

In the meantime, let’s put up some highlights from Cannes because it’s fun and it’s Friday and it’s almost graduation here at FIT!

Photo by Michael Buckner/Variety/REX/Shutterstock
Winnie Harlow
Cannes Film Festival – 17 May 2018



Since Cannes hosts so many worldwide movies, the news coverage varies wildly country to country. I’ve included some international links to flip through coverage.




Celina Jade, Cannes 2018



Don’t leave out the activism. Women in film marched to protest the scarcity of women awarded Cannes prizes. Representing!
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