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the HatMagazine


This week’s Mag of the Week is The Hat Magazine, a trade journal aimed at the millinery industry. It is published 4x/year in London, U.K. The British are still very enthusiastic about hats, and wear them for many formal occasions, including the famous horse race, the Royal Ascot. But hats are also de rigueur for royal weddings. And this coming Saturday, May 19, Prince Harry of Windsor marries American Meghan Markle. There will be hats galore!

How to stream the royal wedding May 19, 2018


Vintage hat makers



The Hat Magazine was created in 1999 by Carol and Nigel Denford, who ran a successful millinery business in London, U.K. When the recession hit in the late 1990s, they expanded their publishing and shrank their retail operations. The title grew to encompass the millinery trade all over the world, but its focus has remained Great Britain and her former territories. FIT only discovered the magazine in 2014, and our subscription began with the Fall 2014 issue. In the summer of 2017 Dutch hatmaker Elly Stemerdink took over as editor, broadening the content focus somewhat.




Royal Wedding hats




The title has several regular features, including a How-To every issue, spotlights on current hatmakers, and photospreads of the best hat occasions, especially the annual Royal Ascot races outside of London. More recently, the publisher has expanded into the virtual world by setting up a YouTube channel with video workshops taught by famous milliners working today.




Hats in the making

The Hat Magazine Youtube

In Defense Of the Church Hat

StyleCat search for “millinery”

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