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Cardi B, manicure by Jenny Bui
60th Annual Grammy Awards, Jan 2018

There are a lot of aspects to fashion beyond the clothing. Accessories, grooming, skin enhancement, and gestures are all visual choices. We carry Inked magazine because tattoo art has been so important in the last 10 years. Allure covers cosmetics marketing and development. But we’ve ignored something that a lot of people have been getting super excited about in the last few years. Nail polish has experienced a renaissance in the last 5 years, and has made celebrities out of nail artists.


This is a trend that has been driven by celebrities, especially music stars. Niki Minaj and Lady Gaga have both driven nail trends with their unconventional choices. Kesha and Cardi B feature their nails regularly in their publicity. Instagram aggravated the constant hunger for new visuals and nail art has stepped up to feed it. The trend continues: celebrity manicures get more complex and elaborate and even fashion runways have begun to feature unusual nail art as important style detail.


Lady Gaga from “Judas” video, from Billboard mag





A quick internet search turned up hundreds of Pinterest pages, fan pics, and how-to pages for getting celebrity-style nail art for your very own.

Kesha, behind the scenes at the Crazy Kids video shoot



Kesha is another pop star known for her love of elaborate nail art.





Cardi B appears to be the fashion adopter who put the trend over the top. Not only is her manicurist now famous in her own right, but the blinged-up nails trend has begun to catch on in the fashion-conservative midwest U.S.

Countless blogs and Pinterest pages reflect this trend’s current hotness. Even Fashion Week Spring 2018 has its own manicure-trends reporting:

Nails by Essie at Rebecca Minkoff, Spring 2018

Have a wonderful weekend!


Nails by Marian Newman for CND at Byblos, Spring 2018
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