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This week’s MoW is a sporadic project of the prolific and offbeat Luis Venegas. Venegas publishes (published? His website has shut down in the last few months.) this limited-edition title as one of several occasional publishing projects. C*ndy is his magazine dedicated to celebrating transvestitism, transgender, crossdressing and androgyny. His other titles include Fanzine137, a media fan magazine that’s more internationally focused, crazy elegant, and racier than Tiger Beat or Us; EY! Magateen, a celebration of creative (and beautiful) young men around the world, and The Printed Dog, which focuses on marketing, art, and photography of dogs (probably especially his own, I’m guessing).

All three of these projects are unusually focused for international magazines, reflecting his energy for the topics that interest him.



Venegas has loved and collected international magazines beginning with an issue of Vanity Fair in 1992. He now has an enormous collection of them, which live both in his Madrid home, and that of his parents in Barcelona. He credits his collection as teacher and inspiration, saying, “Everything I’ve learned about my work as a Creative Director and Editor has been by looking at magazines.” All of the work in his several titles is conceived and executed by him, making it understandable that he only gets to each title every so often.





Venegas has been involved in other projects recently, including an exhibition of his work in Berlin, with 032c’s Workshop, a book with Jonathan Anderson of Lowe Madrid, and a video for Carolina Herrera.

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