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Works That Work is a relatively new title for us. We received the first issue in a donation, then decided it was interesting enough to subscribe to it. This title is/was published 2x/year in the Netherlands. It was begun in 2013 by a group of graphic designers led by Peter Bil’ak. Bil’ak was the founder and conceptual mind behind the title, although he only designed the original typeface which the magazine uses throughout.

“A Magazine of Unexpected Creativity”, Works That Work is a journal about applications of creativity and design. This title is focused globally, workplace oriented, and explores a lot of technology issues. The editors intend for their title to challenge world views and creative approaches from a non-corporate standpoint.The publishers used crowd-sourcing to launch the magazine, but have not been able to build up a big enough paying fanbase. The current issue announced that issue #10, coming soon, will be their last.



This is another title that uses themed issues, and the current one is themed around Bhutan, but with some interesting twists, like an article on ‘Gross National Happiness’. The diverse array of articles also includes the beermitten of the Arctic, a Chinese seatbelt hack to prevent the buzz from not wearing them, and a protest by toys in Russia.

Come take a look!



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