Magazine(s) of the Week: Oscars Coverage!

This week we’re really excited about the Oscars, which happen on Sunday evening, February 26, 2017. This week’s MoW is a series of popular titles we hold, whose covers show actors and actresses from movies that have been nominated this year. The Academy of Motion Pictures website gives all the nominees here:

Since the birth of the movie industry, movie stars have been big business for the media. Despite many changes over the last century, they continue to be, as you can see from this sampling. I’ve published covers from Out magazine before, but this cover is a beautiful shot of actor Trevante Rhodes, of the cast of Moonlight, a film nominated for Best Picture this year.

It’s not a secret that consumers want pretty, famous people on their magazine covers, and who, as a group, are prettier than movie stars?

But showing you some of the great covers currently up also shows you some of the best titles we have for coverage of the motion picture industry.

Here is Michelle Williams, was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her work in Manchester by the Sea, which is also nominated for Best Picture.




This year has been a great one for big dramas about historical events and places. Here is Janelle Monae, the musician and actress, who is in two films nominated for Best Picture, Hidden Figures and Moonlight.












Rolling Stone, one of several titles which focus primarily on the entertainment industry, has a lovely image of actress Emma Stone, who is nominated for Best Actress in La La Land, which is also nominated for Best Picture.


We have some other highlights to help you enjoy watching the Oscars ceremony next week. Stay tuned for more developments from Volumes & Issues!




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