Magazine of the Week

Hello, this week’s Mag of the Week is the German edition of Vogue:


So beautiful, indeed. This title is similar to the other Vogue titles, except with a focus on German advertisers/businesses and a bit more of the artistic edge we also see in 032c (published in Berlin). The styling is a bit harder-edged, maybe more avant garde and nightlife-oriented than Vogue Paris, and more sophisticated than American Vogue.



This title and French, which I talked about a few weeks ago are part of our Open Stacks: International Fashion Magazine Collection. This collection contains a variety of foreign titles we get in gifts. Since we get them often but not consistently, we don’t have every issue. But they offer different world perspectives, so we’ve put them together as a browsing collection on the 6th floor.




Some of the things you’ll find in this collection include Bon, Elle Croatia, Elle Netherlands, Elle Hong Kong, Elle Mexico, Elle Singapore, French,Vogue Australia, Vogue Turkey, Vogue Latin America, and Vogue Russia.