46 days before school starts!

Photo by Sam Yee/Strykapose/Flikr, ganked from TONY

Just a reminder that summer is here in the city.  New York in the summer is pretty magical because there are so many nifty free things to do, and it seems you have the city to yourself while others vacation elsewhere.

Just to get you started, Manhattanhenge

Here are some suggestions for things to do:

92 Things to do: SUMMER IN NYC list of things to do this summer.

NYC Things to Do

Gothamist Summer Guide: 20 Sunny Things To Do In July

NYC Exclusive Events Calendar

If you get bored, there’s always the movies, where the AC is guaranteed to be sub-arctic. And there’s space at the library, with a bit less icy AC. But books! And magazines! And friendly, helpful people to show you stuff!

Just sayin’…


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