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twin cvr

Based on the ways the contributors describe themselves here, Twin was specifically designed by Becky Smith as her own ideal magazine. Smith is a popular British art director, and founder of the title. She has worked at other prestigious magazines such as British Vogue, i-D, Harper’s, Elle, and Lula. Twin, her brainchild, is a large format title, hardbound, and without any advertising other than the endpapers. The paper is a thick satin-finish, with lots of white around most of the large, sensuously shot photographs.

twin punk

Twin is published twice a year, with a focus on gorgeous visuals, avant-garde fashion, female artists, and new new wave feminism.  The title “inspires” a daily blog as well. The material in the above issue includes a thought-provoking mix of fashion photography (pained looking waifs who look like they’re dressed for bed), an article on the punk scene in New York City in the 1970s, an article on Alexander McQueen’s last runway show, and a spot on up-and-coming female graphic designers. The innovative part is that all of the artists presented, with the exception of McQueen, are women.

The Twin Book


Poised at the cutting edge of culture, this title, of course, participates deeply in social media. But with it’s strong visual presentation, it makes perfect sense that Twin rule the image seas of Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, and Facebook.

twin watch


The talented and hand-picked staff also run a creative consultancy with such high-end clients as Vogue, Nike, L’Oreal, Ferrari, and Urban Outfitters, to name just a few. In a sense, the whole magazine is really advertising for this other venture, as well as a pretty, avant-garde sandbox for some talented art directors to do their own thing, together.



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