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mod painter cvrWelcome to the new Magazine of the Week!

The PERS area subscribes to a lot of art magazines. I thought it would be cool to take a look at this particular one because of the cover story. Don’t we always want to see the new young crop of artists? Because, being at FIT, we probably know some of them!

This magazine was launched in 1987 by British art critic, Peter Fuller. It has changed hands several times since his death in 1990. Most recently, Louise Blouin added it to her arts-media empire in the early 2000s, along with Art+Auction, the Art Sales Index, and Gallery Guide.

Louise Blouin, through her self-titled foundation, has consolidated many of the popular and professionally used arts titles. According to her statement on the Louise Blouin Media website, her foundation works for the “promotion of the arts, culture, travel, lifestyle information and international news.” According to this source, “Blouin Modern Painters offers insider access to the most exciting developments in contemporary art.” You can read the rest on the foundation’s website here:

Here you can take a look at the current issue:


You can enjoy the arts calendar here:


And if you need to research recent sales, this title has some references for that as well:


Come in and take a look!


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