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So it’s really a store catalog, but it’s a serial and we have ’em.


J. Peterman is one of the many store catalogs that we get regularly.  (Yeah, I know this isn’t the cover of the current one, but it has a cooler holiday image than the current one.)

Because this company depends on remote sales, they have a website as well:

Both catalog and website reveal why we love this catalog so much:

The Red Lace Dress

jpete lace dress

“The components of this dress will overwhelm most men. Only a steely few can take such things in stride. Professional poker players for example – it’s called a “poker face” for a reason…”

See what I mean?  It’s not just the charming impressionistic illustrations that make all the clothes resemble our thinnest selves, glimpsed in the crowd of extras in some stylish film of the 1950s.  It’s the goofy, romantic descriptions of each garment, giving each one an exotic life of it’s own on some luscious Greek island or Tibetan temple, or forgotten noir New York speakeasy.

J. Peterman catalogs are on the 6th floor, in the PERS reading room, filed alphabetically in the open stacks.  Go take a look!

Here is the list of all our store catalogs:

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