PEEP THIS… Aspic: A case study

It’s November, Thanksgiving eve fast approaches.  Visions of stuffing, cranberry sauce and of course golden brown turkey or Tofurkey precede visions of sugar plums.   As we anticipate ourfavorite foods there are a host of foods we would prefer not to grace our plates.  Top of the list for me…Aspic aka “food glue”.   Peruse the array of fruit, vegetables and meat chunks floating…still…in a gelatinous mold.  The New York Times Magazine ‘Lost Foods’ feature (11/1/15) dressed it up, made it look oh so pretty and festive, but a lost food it shall remain.

Today three consistencies of Aspic are served: delicate, sliceable and inedible aka “food prop”.  Hmm…I understand Aspic was born centuries ago by peasants whose mission was survival.  Food waste of any kind is a travesty.  But I will continue to say, “…no thank you and please pass the Mac & Cheese!”

NYT mag cover Lost Foods

Multiple pictures of food item Aspic
Multiple pictures of food item Aspic
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