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Here is this week’s Magazine of the Week!


The internet has changed how we get the news so dramatically that magazines like this have been sort of left behind.  Time, and it’s compadres U.S. News and World Report (with slightly more conservative viewpoints) and Newsweek (slightly more liberal viewpoints) are major news aggregators, valued for an incisive summation of the week’s news.  Their specialty was (and continues to be, just in different format) knowledgeable writing describing the ins and outs of news items, as well as the effects these will have on our future.

This is the section of the Periodicals by Subject list that covers news-related titles like these:

We are fortunate to have databases of news sources that index articles from multiple magazines and newspapers, making subject searching a whole lot easier than it used to be.  This is the group of those that address news-related topics:

Come up to PERS and take a look!

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