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Just because it’s Wednesday (silly excuse) I wanted to post something for fun.  In this day and age of tags, keywords, IDs and categories, why not have a little fun with all those words and create a visual.  If you haven’t heard of Wordle.net, take just a second to check this site out.

You can enter a url address for a site, or even cut and paste a group of pre-chosen words to create this incredible tag cloud.  You can change the layout, font, and even colors to suit your needs.  Or, just hit the “randomize button” at the bottom of the page for multiple random effects.

Great for use with a blog or website.  By uploading your finished “wordle” to the gallery, you will be able to pick up the html code to plug it into a web page.  I chose this IT e-Forum blog to use and below are three of different results that I made.



Wordle 1

Created on Wordle.net

Wordle 2

Created on Wordle.net

Wordle 3

Created on Wordle.net

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  1. Shaniqua McClam McClam says:

    Creating wordles are so much fun.I can’t stop creating them and choosing great colors.

  2. Shaniqua McClam McClam says:

    I love creating wordles. Thank you. Just choosing colors makes me anxious to see how the design will come out.

    • Meredith Perkins says:

      Thanks Shaniqua. I love to use them to start a conversation or as a slide in a presentation. I also like to enter my blog address every once in a while to see if my keywords are matching the major themes of the intended topics.

  3. Nate says:

    That’s actually really interesting.. I had never heard of “wordles” before; I think I’ll go try it out!

  4. Bruce says:

    Looks very cool.I’ll try it too

  5. TF says:

    i had never heard of “wordles” until i checked out this blog.
    Now i am using that wordle site for a bunch of my projects.

    very easy on the eyes and turns normal pages and layouts into fun and interesting material.

  6. Maria says:

    I love the idea! Creating wordles seems very interesting.

  7. shaishav says:

    Its a cool idea, their is also one tool which makes all your tags appear in a 3D circle which can be made to rotate as well.

  8. Never even heard of them, but that is really, really cool. Thanks, I’ll be sharing this post.

  9. wow, nice design..
    what the software you use to create it?
    I think you used adobe illustrator or framework right?

  10. This is awesome. Your wordles are great.

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