For me, my view on the importance of following trends goes both ways. For instance I don’t think people should have to be “slaves” to the trends each season brings (unless they want to!), people should be able to wear whatever they like despite whether it’s trendy or not. And that’s typically how I am, if I like something I’ll wear it. I’m not one to wear something just because it is trendy. But I do think there is some value in being aware of the trends designers and people bring forth each season, for they serve as wardrobe inspiration and can be quite fun to participate in.

Anyway where this post is going though, despite my mixed views on trends I thought I’d share briefly just some of things for spring I love and look forward to wearing that can be considered trendy.

  • Midi Skirts – They’ve been quite relevant I feel for a few months prior now, but they’ll be even bigger now in the spring. Midi skirts in any and every silhouette and color! My favorite one from the spring 2014 runway though is the one down below by Proenza Schouler. I’ve still not found one yet for myself that I both love and can afford!
  •  Button Ups – Of course buttons up shirts are and always will be a classic, but for this spring at least they’ve taken on many different forms. Cropped, as dresses, or as a part of a suit, there are many different takes on the classic. My favorite take on it though is the look below by Alexander Wang. But for this spring I for sure plan on wearing a button down shirt dress.
  • Birkenstock-esque Sandals – Seems a bit strange but that’s really the best way I can describe it. I’ve been stealing my mom’s Birkenstocks for years, but this spring they take on a new life. I’ve seen some types of Birkenstock looking sandals just about everywhere from Topshop and Zara, to H&M, all with there own twist (ex. added height, metallic finish, jewels/embellishments, etc.).
  • Other (more seemingly common already) things I love – boxy fitting tops, metallic, added embellishments, athletic details (in non-athletic wear), pleated skirts, matching printed sets, and still of course boyfriend fit things like shorts and jeans.

Again, these are just some of the things I like personally for spring, and it’s not even half the different trends out there right now. I do have to admit thinking about it more now; this season I’m really more into and liking the trends going on. But that may change, I might not like most of the trends for this upcoming fall! Who knows? That’s what so great about fashion it is always changing leaving plenty of things to like and dislike each season.

How do you feel about trends – do you try to follow them all? Ignore them all? Are you 50/50 like me? Anything you’re looking forward to wearing this spring?


Alexander Wang

Proenza Schouler





Keeping an Open Mind

For my Fashion Forecasting class, we took a trip to Macy’s. We had an assignment, which was to pick a department (either women’s, men’s, children’s, or accessories) and answer a few questions.

macysWhichever department we chose for the assignment had to be the department we use for our end of semester project, in which we must predict a trend for spring 2015.

I was positive that I was going to do my project on womenswear, so I immediately headed towards the 3rd floor, when my friend, Shioban, convinced me to shop around the men’s department first. I’m so happy she did.

Menswear never really interested me. I thought that it was boring, and that there is not much to do with menswear. I was pleasantly surprised by how fascinated I was with it.

mtThe displays were beautiful. The mannequins all looked so dapper, as did the men shopping there. The trend seemed to be a newer, fresher, and more modern gentleman, inspired by the early 20th century. This was further illustrated through one of the sales associate’s bow ties, which was made of wood.

Another sales associate let me in on a secret, bow ties are THE new menswear trend. These were not your basic bow ties either. There were barely any basic blacks to be seen. They came in every color of the rainbow, in every fabric you could ask for, and any pattern imaginable. There was no basic stripes, the were boldly colored.

mt2Red satin bow ties, á la Jared Leto, were flying off the displays. Paisley, geometric prints, houndstooth, and even bow tied with some sparkle woven in were everywhere.

It’s safe to say I’m obsessed with menswear now.

I learned to keep an open mind. The trip taught me that those that are closed-minded will not succeed in fashion. Keep an eye out for old trends that may reappear, like the bow tie. Don’t close yourself off, to fashion or anything else. I didn’t, and now I have a new found love of menswear, and two bow ties.

What do you think about menswear? What do you think about women wearing menswear items?

Until next time,


Introducing Precollege Blogger: Nicole

NicoleHeaneyColorHi everyone! My name is Nicole and yes red is my natural hair color. Now that that’s out of the way let’s get down to business. I am currently a junior in high school and I live on Long Island, New York. I discovered my love of fashion at a very young age. I remember the first time picking up a magazine and thinking to myself “ Wow look at all these different styles.” Ever since then it has been my goal to pursue a career in something I’m most passionate about, which is the fashion industry. When I’m not looking at the newest trends or browsing the racks at the mall, you can find me twirling flags with my color guard team, blogging and hanging out with my 4 year old sister. (Trust me I know it’s a big age difference)

This semester will be my first time attending the Precollege program at FIT. I am taking The Ins and Outs of Fashion Merchandising and I couldn’t be more excited. In the future, I hope to become a buyer. Analyzing the trends of what consumers are buying and deciding on the trends that will be coming out is what I am all about. Oh hey I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it! Wow sorry for that corny joke, but I felt like the timing was right. Last week was my first class and I was so excited that on the first day, I walked the wrong way for 3 blocks! That’s pretty embarrassing for someone who goes to New York City as often as I do, but hey it happens.

Like most other high school juniors, I was feeling really overwhelmed in deciding what to major in. All of my friends are going crazy trying to decide what they want to do and taking this Precollege class has kind of made me feel at ease. Stepping into FIT just feels right and every time I walk out with a smile. I’m so excited to see what is in store for this semester. Wow that was really sentimental, I think I need to go grab a tissue. Ok, I’m back now. Until next week, xoxo gossip girl.

Totally kidding. I can’t wait to share my experiences this semester with you all. Being able to blog for FIT is such a dream come true and I can’t wait to let you all know how class goes.

Until Next Time,


My Final Project: Trend Boards

It’s so sad that this class is coming to an end.  I’ve truly enjoyed my class so much and I’ve met some really cool people.  Overall, it was an amazing experience and I’ve taken advantage of my Saturdays to learn more about New York City.  Now whenever I go into the city with my friends or family, I know where to go and how to get there.  I’ve also learned so much from my amazing professor, who is really passionate and in love with what she does.

Our assignment for our final project is to create 4 trend boards for Spring 2013.  I chose the trends Ladylike, Neon, Punk, and Prints.  We are starting to see these trends this Spring so I think they will stay strong and carry over into next year.  I put a lot of work into my boards and had a lot of fun making them.




Punk/ Edgy:




I hope you guys like these boards!

Thanks for reading, see you guys next week!



Black, White, and Red All Over

After completing 5 weeks of HFM064: The Ins and Outs of Fashion Merchandising, I have already learned more from my short time participating in my first FIT Precollege Program class, than I have in my many months of online research and Vogue magazine browsing.  The extra information I have received in class has really furthered my knowledge of the industry as a whole.  When I find myself debating the importance of fashion and appearance with my house full of lawyers and law students, I now bring a more compelling and aggressive argument to the table rather than my usual Chanel quotes, “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”  Sometimes I find myself talking about things I didn’t even know I knew, just from my time flipping through magazines and viewing designer collections in class; sometimes I even impress myself with my new found knowledge.

My friend and I went for a mini shopping trip before my class last week at the Urban Outfitters near my town; everything she picked up I seemed to have a witty fashionista comment to make about it.  “The 60’s are so in right now and the paper bag pants are so going to do it for you” or “Buy me some bell bottoms and a pair of platform shoes and I’ll be fine for the rest of spring, and if it was 1974 I’d be fine for the next 6 years,” exaggerated-I know.  But after learning about the multiple trends that are present right now, I have discovered that my history teacher is indeed right, history truly does repeat itself; with the reassurance of my FIT professor I find the same is true about the history of fashion.

During the first couple of weeks of classes, we covered the trends of the 20th century (50’s housewife, 60’s mod, and 70’s disco) and we are now applying all of those looks in our trend report projects which are due this upcoming Saturday.  Call me a procrastinator and I will deny it, although I will be lying.  I have to finish a project we started in class last week plus get started on my project that is due the following Saturday, which I was given ample warning of the close due date.  But to save face I’m not going to tell you the class is in less than 24 hours and I haven’t scratched the surface on one of my projects yet…oppps.  Well other than my bad time management, the class has done wonders for my confidence.  When I explain to my friends the activities we have done in class they all listen with envy wishing they would have taken the class with me when I begged them to do so a couple weeks prior.

But it’s not as glamorous and cool as I sometimes make it out to be, there is hard work involved.  For my upcoming project we had to go to 34th Street and take pictures of store windows and go into the stores and take notes on some of the trends we see emerging right now, as well as the colors and fabrics we are seeing a lot this spring.  Okay so I lied, walking around NYC with other aspiring fashionistas is pretty cool and also kind of exciting (which gave me the chance to buy this pretty cool necklace from H&M all my friends have been complementing me on).  And when we’re not exploring NYC, we’re having a Pandora radio jam fest while putting together the pieces of our trend report projects.  My project, titled “Black, White, and Red All Over,” references this concept: No matter what the trends are for the season or fabrics or patterns, Red, White, and Black will always lead the fashion frontier in colors (separately and combined).

When you dream about taking an FIT class you couldn’t dream this big, I know I didn’t, but as rewarding as it is to be in class, it’s even better being out in the shops and being able to apply everything you have learned.  For me, that’s the best reward of it all.

My Class Field Trip to 34th Street

Macys Flower Show Window Display

H&M Window Display

Checkout the 60’s vibe (paper bag shorts) and use of neutrals

My Half Finished Trend Report Project My Class Is Working On

Black, White, and Red All Over

My Outfit Inspired By My Trend Report- Black, White, and Red All Over

The awesome necklace I got during my class trip into H&M, haven’t been able to find it in any H&M in New Jersey

Until Next Week, Sincerely

The Blogger-Bobbie Austin