The FIT Surprise

No, I’m not talking ice-cream.

The Surprise Factor

Up until February 27, I thought I was alone and had a weird passion for computer graphics and digitized drawing and art. To my amazement, I was surrounded by geeks (really cool ones) like me when I entered room C230 and it felt pretty awesome. Kind of felt like my second home (JK, my second home is Starbucks… whose isn’t?) Anyway, I was really shocked to find that people my age shared the same passion as I did and it felt really comforting to know that I wasn’t alone. Sharing ideas and looking at others’ work for inspiration really helped me in a creative sense and way of thinking.

The Expectations

I thought I was a decent artist in the field of fifteen year olds out there, but as I always do, I was and still am looking for improvement. There’s always room! I’ve come to take precollege classes to improve (obviously) but also to get a real grip on digital design platforms and learn.

Unexpected Changes

One thing I did not expect to change was my open personality. And, actually, it changed for the better: I’ve done nothing but become more open since I am around people who I’m comfortable with. Usually it takes me a while to get to know people and become comfortable with them even though I am typically an open book, and, literally in one class, I found a group of people who scream my style! I have seen nothing but great things since the start of classes and it keeps getting better.

The (Developing) Hardships

Drawing has always been a weak spot for me, and I never really paid attention to it. I kind of just tried my best and made do with what I had in the past. Adobe Illustrator involves a lot of drawing… more than I’m comfortable with. But truly, the class is helping me learn to love it and tolerate it.

However, one thing that really scares me is the digital pen. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about (if you are into graphics, you know the scare I’m facing), it’s a only a stylus. A stylus of death!! First, a drawing pad is plugged into the computer, and then you take the wireless pen and draw with it on the pad. It sounds super easy but it’s really frustrating and hard to learn, especially on a program based on vectors and straight lines.

A quote from my struggling friend, Sarah M.,

“When you first start using it all you want to do is scream because the smallest movement can mess you up, but it gets easier eventually… I hope”

Sorry ya had to read so much! It’s good for the brain!
Until next week,
Joey Criscione

Take a Look Inside My House

FIT Precollege Blog 1

As pictured from left to right: CJ Criscione (the infamous little brother), Christine Criscione (mia madre)

I bet you thought I was actually showing you a drawing of my house, as an Adobe Illustrator student. I was just metaphorically speaking. (Sorry for my terrible sense of humor.)

Growing up, most of the time, it was just me, my mom, and my little brother. We live, work, eat, laugh, and support each other through whatever hardships we may face together. As family always do, we work through everything and make sure we are always there for each other. From the time I was little, I was always the odd one out of us three, coming up with some bizarre method to do ordinary tasks. My mom noticed my creative spark and has always pushed me to achieve my dreams, and still does to this day. She’s my best friend.

From invitations, to banners, to custom drawings, my mother continually bugs me to spit out graphics like a machine.

March News Banner

As pictured above: custom news banners for my mom’s school site.

Ordinarily, I don’t mind, though. However, she watched my ability to produce quality work increase as I got older and always pushed me to be my best. Since the start of my Precollege classes at FIT, learning and grasping new concepts has been easier than ever before. While there is a lot of drawing involved in Adobe Illustrator (more than I expected, at least,) getting the hang of a new program and transitioning from my comfortable home of Photoshop could not have been accomplished without the guidance of my professor and peers learning along with me.

Adobe Illustrator Tiles

A tile pattern created on the first day of class

Me: “What do you have to say about my progress at FIT so far?”
Mom: “I know you thought you knew a lot a couple months ago, but every weekend you come home bright in the face and won’t shut up about the new little trick you learned that made your life a hell of a lot easier.”

Very true, and I can’t deny it! I swear – there’s a secret button that does all the work for you. I could spend hours – my family watching my frustrated face – trying to figure something out and then I end up searching the internet for help to no avail. Then suddenly you’re sitting in Manhattan one day and all the answers come to you – it’s a revelation!

Me, moments later: “What do you have to say about my progress at my Precollege class?”
CJ: “Uhh… I don’t know? Where’s the remote?”

Thanks for the inspiring words.

Nonetheless, both my mom and brother, as well as all of my other family members, are supportive of me and what I enjoy doing, and it means the world.

Until next week,
Joey Criscione

Time Flies in Magazine Design

Hi everyone!

My Magazine Cover
Well, believe it or not the Precollege fall courses are about to be up, sadly this Saturday the 19th for me! I’ve made so much progress not only on my magazine, but as well as my computer techniques.

Pictured above is the cover of my magazine titled, Depth. When putting together my thoughts and interests, I wanted to include writings of my own, as well as images I’ve taken. The features of my magazine are pieces I’ve written and the monthly departments consist of fashion and music updates, along with some writing tips.

Descriptive piece featureThe feature pages may not look like your typical magazine spread, but as a feature piece normally is, these pages will focus solely on the stories and creating an visual image for the reader.

This page to the left is one of my favorites. I took the photo during my first week of summer classes at FIT and later wrote about that specific morning during school this year. This story starts out the feature pages then carries on into the next 2 pages which are also descriptive pieces that make you think and feel as if you’re living in that specific moment in time. Descriptive piece featuresAlthough this week is my final class, I still have some more tinkering to do with each page. I’m always getting new ideas to improve each page to better fit the magazine’s aesthetic so it makes it hard to ever come to a final piece. I’m glad I ended up taking this course because it turns out I really enjoy this kind of creative work. Fingers crossed my final piece looks as great as I have it pictured in my head!

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read my posts each week and hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading them as much as I liked writing them!

Have a wonderful day!


Emily Kelly



My Final Project

Coming up soon in my class “Creating the Fashion Figure,” we are designing a final project. My professor is having us choose a customer, design a collection around him or her, and create a mood board with fabrics. The clothes we design have to be things that our customer would buy and be seen wearing! My customer is Gigi Hadid, model of the moment. She has a similar style to me and she is one of my favorite models right now. Her style is simple and classy, but can also be considered “grunge” at times, as she wears a lot of leather and fringe as well as the color black. Our class members each have to design an evening look, a casual daytime look, and a fancier daytime look. I will incorporate leather, suede and many of the other materials Gigi always wears. The collection will be more grunge-based, but feature simple clothes that she would buy. For my mood/inspiration board, I have started to collect pictures that give off an edgy vibe and I will choose fabrics with a similar feel, which I have not yet collected. Here are some pictures that inspire my upcoming collection!

image (19) image (17) image (9) image (15) image (7)


A Dip Into Magazine Design

Hi all!

In my class, Magazine Design, I’ve come to really enjoy and appreciate the amount of time and effort it takes to create a professional yet personalized magazine. Learning the techniques to make a magazine that’s eye catching and up to snuff is exciting!

Being that magazine design is, for the most part, solely based on computer technology, being familiar with the software is key. My professor was well aware that many of us have barley touched programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign; and has mentored us to be able to use it to our best ability. I’ll be honest, at first it’s quite difficult to grasp those few basic steps due to the numerous ways there are to executing one task, though surprisingly I started to catch on in no time!

Magazine Progress

Magazine Progress @ FIT

Thankfully, my skills have improved and even though at times I have to do tasks multiple times to finally achieve the exact design I’m going for, it’s all simply a process of trial and error. I feel I need to work on learning more techniques and tools within these programs that way it’ll allow me to create exactly what I picture in my head instead of having to move around my initial idea due to not knowing what tools to use.

Weeks are cutting close, now that classes are counting down one by one I’m finally starting to get a hang of the programs. This is great because I can finally start placing ideas onto papers, but also a little stressful because times running out and I’d love to finish a strong final whole magazine without weak ends.

Magazine Progress

Magazine Progress @ FIT

Overall I’ve genuinely learned a lot about the programs we use and I’ve also been inspired by the pieces my professor shows us in class. Initially, I hadn’t planned on taking this class but I’m glad I did because not only does it give you an introduction to color and design but it can also tie in fashion and its aesthetics which is always a plus!

Now of course everything is still a work in progress but I think it’s coming out nice and hopefully my final product will be great!

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful week! Also, have a happy turkey day!

-Emily Kelly