Farewells and Goodbyes

On the last day of class all that is left are farewells and goodbyes. It feels just like yesterday we were all strangers with one common interest but yet here we are sad to leave one another after 11 awesome weeks. With a new outlook on not only the fashion world but FIT also, I decided to ask my classmates to reflect on their time here in the Precollege Programs to give insight for many of you hoping to absorb some of the same knowledge we have gained.

“I Love the location and vibe of FIT.”


“This is my first class I have taken at FIT it has been a great experience, definitely coming back.”


“Great way to meet new people and make new friends.”


“Definitely where I see myself for college.”


For me, this being my second year here, I have doubled my education and am very engaged in the fashion industry. With hopes of coming back in the Spring, I know I will yet again get to participate in this experience of a lifetime. From writing about FIT and sharing my thoughts and process with all of you, it made me realize how gratifying the Precollege Programs are and that there is nowhere I would rather be.

Thank you for tagging along on my journey.

With love,



The Blue Rainbow

Well, here’s my last blog of the season, *sigh,* it went by so quickly, a reminder to me that life goes pretty darn fast and you shouldn’t take ANYTHING for granted. Enjoy every second of it. 

Before class, I was sitting outside near the Haft Auditorium entrance in the metal high chairs and tables. I felt a little sad knowing it was my last class, but when I looked across the way, I saw something that caught my attention. There was a blue arch that formed part of the design of the outside of the building, and it looked like a “rainbow” hovering over the entrance. The blue of the “rainbow” matched my mood at that moment, but it also inspired me and seemed to say, “Miranda! Get it together! It won’t be the last time you’ll be at FIT!” (Ooh… foreshadowing, perhaps?)


To wrap things up, we’ve been drawing the face – here’s my last homework assignment for FIT:


It looked more like me at the time.

Of course, we also did some drawings (um, it’s a drawing class), but the best part of it for me was the critique. A critique is where everyone lays out three to five pieces of their best artwork and the class walks around and gives constructive criticism. So that means people say “I think you did this really well, but I think you could have incorporated more of that,” or “I like this technique you used, but it could use more ____,” and so on. This process always intrigues me because it lets me have a chance to look at art through someone else’s eyes. It always makes me feel better about the world to see other young people who have an interest in something and are committed to learning more about it.



Quick two minute pose.

Thank you all for taking the time out of your day to read my blog posts. I hope you enjoyed reading about my new experiences as much as I enjoyed writing about them. It’s official – I completed my first precollege drawing class. Stay tuned – I hope to write more blogs in the fall when I take another FIT class!


Until next time,


Memorable Last Day

image (3)Well believe it or not, it is time for my Precollege class to end! My time at FIT has been short but sweet and I already signed up for my next class in the spring. My last day in NYC was full of surprises in and outside of the classroom, proving once again how glad I am to have taken this class.

My last Precollege class day began with my friend forcing me to try out for a Brandy Melville (my favorite clothing brand) open call audition that was just a few blocks away. I was hesitant to go at first, but looking back I am so glad I did. I had the privilege of meeting my favorite model, Scarlett Leithold, who I have blogged about previously. Unfortunately I was so excited about the meeting that I proceeded to leave my driver’s license in a taxi! Fortunately a wonderful human being found it, tracked me down on Instagram, and has offered to mail it back. Bless you and Merry Christmas!

When I got to FIT, I presented my final project, a Gigi Hadid-inspired mood board, and was able to see everyone else’s hard work. It was a privilege to get to see the talent of the students and the effort that they put into their work. Afterwards, our professor served us pizza to celebrate the end of class—yeah! Finally the dreaded moment came and I had to say goodbye to all of the friends I have made, but I am sure that we will see each other very soon.

I met up with my best friend from a previous FIT Precollege class to go to dinner. We took an Uber car, which is like a taxi but an actual car and the car’s owner picks you up. Our driver was one of the funniest people I have ever met and he spontaneously decided to drive us around the outside of Rockefeller Center to see the tree. It was another beautiful NYC night.

As I boarded the train home, I recalled my ride last week when the train was full of Santas all coming from SantaCon. There were people lining the train car and no empty seats left to be filled. As the train became more packed, one man dressed as Santa decided to yell “who wants to sit on Santa’s lap!” and was quickly escorted off of the train.  As I rode home on the train after my last class, no longer surrounded by one hundred Santas, I thought to myself how grateful I am to have taken this class and how many memories I will keep with me forever.

So, to all my future friends interested in fashion of any form, I hope you have learned a thing or two from reading my blog. Even if that one thing is that high heels in Penn Station are never a good idea.

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