Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference 2012

Chelsea is known for being a young vibrant and dare I say it “hipster” environment.  And on Wednesday February 8 the Milk Studios-located in Chelsea-was a prime example of the amazing opportunities right in FIT’s back yard.  I attended the International Fashion Bloggers conference with the intention of networking and getting a few snap shots (every bloggers dream).  However the experience was a lot more enriching than I could have ever imagined.  Famous fashion and style bloggers such as Andy from Style Scrapbook (who happens to be my favorite blogger) and Travis Gumps 1/2 of the duo who created Street Etiquette.

It’s always nice to be in an environment where everyone may not understand your look but they understand why you choose to express yourself through it.  A whole room was stocked full of fashion conscience bloggers who too regularly have to ignore the negative comments from those who are in nicer terms fashionably challenged.  It’s like a cookout; distant cousins were all getting together and meeting for the first time.  We all had similar personalities because don’t forget distant cousins although distant are still family too (although depending on your family you may deny there very existence).  However, I embraced all of the different styles and personalities I interacted with at the conference.  I recorded a number of videos of different bloggers which I will soon be putting together to release on my Youtube channel.

With every good family BBQ you have to have the grilled ribs and other picnic necessities, well in this case fashion trumped flavor.  I bit into a green sandwich, yes I said green.  So my Chipotle trip was absolutely necessary during one of our lengthy breaks.  Overall I had an amazing time at the conference.  We got the chance to learn about the ABC’s of blogging and I got a lot of helpful tips.  Blogging has grown exponentially in the last couple of years, and if your really interested in fashion do your research and dive right into the blogging circuit.

My look for the conference (no I did not stay in those heels the whole time).  No big deal, but a photographer told me I reminded him of June Ambrose.  It’s not like I was so excited and had to hold it in because that is the biggest and best compliment I’ve ever got.  Yeah you know..NO BIG DEAL!

But In Other News..

Guess Coat, Topshop Blouse, Topshop Leggings, Aldo Pumps, Fur Head Wrap I Made With Scraps of Mink & Fox, H&M Jewelry, 80’s Purple Flip Up Sunglasses

Photos taken right outside of Milk Studios during my Chipotle break (a frequent break that I take while attending FIT Pre College Courses.)  More Photos of my look and from the conference checkout my personal blog.. 

Travis Gumps 1/2 of the duo who created popular blog Street Etiquette

My favorite blogger Andy from Style Scrapbook, she was so nice, I love her personality and her style!