Summer Live 2017: Week 2

I used to think there was nothing as much fun as scoring a new makeup that just came out. How many of you agree with me about that sport?  Well, it’s even more fun if you understand the history of cosmetics and how it evolved. 

This week my partner and I researched the history of bronzers. They became very popular in the 1980’s when people finally began to understand the dangers of sun damage. People wanted that sun-kissed look without destroying their skin. In 1984 NARS cosmetics created their iconic bronzer which is still popular today. 

We moved on to the history of hair and had fun making a chart showing how hair styles evolved over time. 

We mixed, we touched, we analyzed, we discussed and we created shampoos, scents and tonics. 

Today we made bath salts. We tried the product and we were proud of our results. The bath salt felt incredibly smooth on our skin

A guest speaker who graduated from FIT, and who is a Professional Makeup Artist came to our class today.  She was very inspiring as she told us about her company and her travels around the world to lecture on the deeper meaning and culture of cosmetics. 

We have also been reviewing popular cosmetics that are on the market today. 

We become very critical when reviewing someone else’s product.  That is a good lesson to keep in mind when we each have our own cosmetic companies. Be critical! Quality control is very important.

-Sasha Worenklein

Introducing Precollege Blogger: Rachel



As July 6th was approaching I started to think I made a terrible mistake. It’s Summer and I want to sleep late, lay on the Jersey beaches and scope out the local music scene at night. Instead I signed up for a 9:30 a.m. Summer class at FIT in NYC. What have I done? What was I thinking? I’m going to be waking up at 6:00 a.m., traveling 3 hours a day on a crowded train and sitting in a boring classroom with the possibility of time consuming homework. Am I crazy? Well, it’s two days into the program and I realize I made the best decision ever ( or as New Yorkers say…eva)! My name is Rachel K. You may see me around campus and recognize me as the girl whose makeup is always “on fleek “. I love to experiment with different colors and looks. I’m commuting from Central New Jersey and taking my first class, The Beauty Business-Art and Science of Cosmetics and Fragrances. I selected this class because I plan (hope) to attend FIT in the Fall of 2016 and eventually earn a BS in Cosmetic and Fragrance Marketing. My class is fabulously fast paced and fun. In the first two days we got a brief overview of the history of Cosmetics and Fragrances and discussed current job opportunities in this exciting industry. In addition, lab work included making body oil and henna. I even started my first project….A poster board depicting six decades of the evolution of eye shadow. The last thing I would call this class is boring! I’m looking forward to learning all I can about the Beauty Industry, making fragrances in the lab and going on “shopping” field trips. Most of all, I’m excited to blog and share my Summer FIT experience with you!

– Rachel

Calling All Makeup Lovers!

Hi everyone! I am officially signed up for another Precollege course at FIT for the Summer Live Program. This summer I will be taking the class The Beauty Business-Art & Science of Cosmetics and Fragrance. I have always been obsessed with makeup so I am really excited to take this class. Some people might think it’s crazy that I would want to go to school over the summer, but to me this is another opportunity to meet new people and to take another fun class at FIT.  Right now I am taking a Fashion Merchandising Class which I love, but since I also really love cosmetics I thought that taking this class will really help me decide on what I would like to do with my future.

I remember becoming really interested in makeup when I was in 8th grade and ever since then, I have become more crazy and have bought more products than anyone I know. OK, I have a confession to make…yes my makeup collection is pretty large but I can’t help it I’m a shopaholic! One thing I really love to do after my class on Saturday is take a walk to either Macy’s or Sephora on 34th Street. Did you know that the Sephora store has two floors?  For a makeup lover like me, this is amazing. Both stores are close to Penn Station so they are really easy to visit on my way home. The first time I walked into these stores, I was overwhelmed with the amount of makeup products they carried. I was so glad I didn’t bring a lot of money with me that day, because honestly I probably would have bought the whole store. Some of my favorite brands of makeup are Urban Decay, MAC, Too Faced and Bare Minerals. I just recently found out that the creator of Bare Minerals went to FIT.  I think that is awesome.sephora_1

I could probably go on forever about this but don’t worry I’ll wrap this up. I am so excited to take this class over the summer and learn all about different kinds of makeup and fragrances and the business behind them. If you have already taken this class or are enrolled for it this summer comment down below and we can chat about it!

Until next time,