Memorable Last Day

image (3)Well believe it or not, it is time for my Precollege class to end! My time at FIT has been short but sweet and I already signed up for my next class in the spring. My last day in NYC was full of surprises in and outside of the classroom, proving once again how glad I am to have taken this class.

My last Precollege class day began with my friend forcing me to try out for a Brandy Melville (my favorite clothing brand) open call audition that was just a few blocks away. I was hesitant to go at first, but looking back I am so glad I did. I had the privilege of meeting my favorite model, Scarlett Leithold, who I have blogged about previously. Unfortunately I was so excited about the meeting that I proceeded to leave my driver’s license in a taxi! Fortunately a wonderful human being found it, tracked me down on Instagram, and has offered to mail it back. Bless you and Merry Christmas!

When I got to FIT, I presented my final project, a Gigi Hadid-inspired mood board, and was able to see everyone else’s hard work. It was a privilege to get to see the talent of the students and the effort that they put into their work. Afterwards, our professor served us pizza to celebrate the end of class—yeah! Finally the dreaded moment came and I had to say goodbye to all of the friends I have made, but I am sure that we will see each other very soon.

I met up with my best friend from a previous FIT Precollege class to go to dinner. We took an Uber car, which is like a taxi but an actual car and the car’s owner picks you up. Our driver was one of the funniest people I have ever met and he spontaneously decided to drive us around the outside of Rockefeller Center to see the tree. It was another beautiful NYC night.

As I boarded the train home, I recalled my ride last week when the train was full of Santas all coming from SantaCon. There were people lining the train car and no empty seats left to be filled. As the train became more packed, one man dressed as Santa decided to yell “who wants to sit on Santa’s lap!” and was quickly escorted off of the train.  As I rode home on the train after my last class, no longer surrounded by one hundred Santas, I thought to myself how grateful I am to have taken this class and how many memories I will keep with me forever.

So, to all my future friends interested in fashion of any form, I hope you have learned a thing or two from reading my blog. Even if that one thing is that high heels in Penn Station are never a good idea.

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Final Project Part 2

image (2)

This week I began my sketches for my “Creating the Fashion Figure” final project. I started by picking fabric swatches that matched my color palette (red, black and white.) I began drawing my figures and the outfits that would go with them. My theme was edgy and most of my fabrics are red velvet or black/ white leather. My inspiration was the covers of “Rolling Stone,” one of my favorite magazines. My favorite look that I drew is the jeans and leather jacket because it is the most offbeat of the three looks I created. I will pick out fabrics for each of these designs for my following project, and these looks will correlate with the mood board I created in last week’s post for my final project. My last class is December 19 and I am very much looking forward to seeing what my friends have created for their final projects as well as my own! 

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My Final Project

Coming up soon in my class “Creating the Fashion Figure,” we are designing a final project. My professor is having us choose a customer, design a collection around him or her, and create a mood board with fabrics. The clothes we design have to be things that our customer would buy and be seen wearing! My customer is Gigi Hadid, model of the moment. She has a similar style to me and she is one of my favorite models right now. Her style is simple and classy, but can also be considered “grunge” at times, as she wears a lot of leather and fringe as well as the color black. Our class members each have to design an evening look, a casual daytime look, and a fancier daytime look. I will incorporate leather, suede and many of the other materials Gigi always wears. The collection will be more grunge-based, but feature simple clothes that she would buy. For my mood/inspiration board, I have started to collect pictures that give off an edgy vibe and I will choose fabrics with a similar feel, which I have not yet collected. Here are some pictures that inspire my upcoming collection!

image (19) image (17) image (9) image (15) image (7)


A few things FIT has taught me

NYCnewcropped“Never give up on what you want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts”- Albert Einstein.

Throughout the year and a half that I have been taking Precollege classes at FIT, I have learned many things, not only about fashion and putting together a great outfit, but also about life and myself. The first lesson I learned is that traffic lights and signs are more of a vague suggestion. Drivers will go where they feel like going, when they feel like going, and will not stop for you no matter how cute your outfit may be.

The second lesson I learned from my FIT Precollege experience is real responsibility. This class made me become far more prepared than I could have ever dreamed!! It has made me take on the responsibility of waking up early, getting to my locations on time, and having all the materials I need with me on hand. It has really helped me to grow up in the sense that in the big city you need to be your own best friend and rely on yourself to be organized and have everything you need taken care of ahead of time.

Overall, and I think most importantly, the biggest lesson I have learned is that a bottle of water in New York City costs two dollars, not four. And if anyone tries to sell it to you for four, you should swiftly walk away. Just kidding–although this is true.  The biggest and most important lesson I have learned from this experience is courage. I live in a small town that is quiet for the most part, and the idea of going to the city every weekend was the most exciting and most terrifying thing I could ever think of doing. So I did it. And from pushing myself I have learned that I am a lot stronger than I thought and can handle a lot more than I believed I could. At the end of my first semester class I was riding the train home with my FIT certificate in my hand and I will not ever forget the real sense of accomplishment I felt holding it. It wasn’t just a piece of paper, or even an award for completing that class; it was a symbol that I had grown as a person and pushed myself beyond any boundaries I ever thought I could push past.  I had overcome my fears, walked into the big city alone, and come out of the experience with new friends, skills and many life lessons.

These are just a few of the things that FIT and New York have taught me, and will teach anyone else who lets them!   I am thankful for this experience, and wish Happy Thanksgiving to all.


FIT Semester Overview

emily 2

This semester I am taking a class called “HAR 016: Creating the Fashion Figure.” This is a vital class to take if you plan on applying to the fashion design side of FIT. To apply to this part of the school, you will need to create a portfolio with your work and collection ideas. Also, if you dream of becoming a fashion designer, merchandiser, or stylist, this course can help you reach that goal. This course teaches students to understand, analyze, and draw the front view of the female fashion figure. Also, it teaches how to develop design ideas in a fashion sketch and to explore the silhouettes used in fashion design.

The Fashion Institute of Technology has a very specific style of fashion figure they like to use, along with detailed drawings of clothes submitted in portfolios. The body is usually very elongated and the clothes are very specific in fine detail. Fabric samples and color choices are also very important when you submit a portfolio piece. In my class, taught by Professor Renaldo Barnette, we learn how to precisely draw a fashion figure, one that fits FIT criteria. This class is very enjoyable and I have learned a lot from it. Not only have I learned how to draw a fashion figure, but I have also learned how to properly draw clothes on the fashion figure. Our professor teaches us how to draw necklines, tops, skirts and how to design our own collection. He also teaches us how to find inspiration and translate that into a collection. For example, we frequently look at fashion magazines and previous collections that designers have created. This week we learned from our substitute teacher, Professor Notto, how to determine what kind of customers would buy our clothes, and then how to design them to fit the customer base we want to target.

I would highly recommend this class for anyone who wants to apply to the design side of FIT. It has been very helpful to me and will hopefully help my chances of getting admitted. Above all, it is a very interesting class and I’m so glad I enrolled in it!

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