Processing film is much harder than it seems

Welcome back to my 3rd blog post! I have been quite busy this week so this post might be a little late. This week I have been taking photos for my class. Our homework this week was to take pictures with a theme. My theme is action shots. I have been taking pictures of my team members in gymnastics doing flips and different events. I am also going to try to take pictures of some of my friends playing lacrosse.









Anyways, last class was so much fun: I got to process film. Since I missed one class to attend the March for Our Lives in Washington, D.C., I am a little behind. Processing film is so much harder than I expected. The first thing we had to do is roll the film in the developing tank. The developing tank looks like a car wheel except it is much much smaller. We practiced putting the film on our developing tank using fake film so we wouldn’t ruin the film with our actual photos. After practice, we went into the darkroom and put our film on the developing tank. It was very hard. I could not do it so a classmate helped me out:

  • Then we put the developing tank in 3 different types of chemicals. The developing tank stayed in each chemical for about 10 minutes. The length of time depends on what kind of film you have.
  • We then put the tank in water for 10 minutes.
  • Afterward, we took the film off the developing tank and put it into a type of vent. The film stayed in there for 20 minutes.

Then we finally got to see the negatives of our photos. It’s hard to see them. Here is a photo of the negative strip. If you hold the negative in the light you can see it much clearer. This was such a great experience. I cannot wait to process the negatives into photos in our next class. See you guys in a flash!