Summer Live 2017: Week 2

I used to think there was nothing as much fun as scoring a new makeup that just came out. How many of you agree with me about that sport?  Well, it’s even more fun if you understand the history of cosmetics and how it evolved. 

This week my partner and I researched the history of bronzers. They became very popular in the 1980’s when people finally began to understand the dangers of sun damage. People wanted that sun-kissed look without destroying their skin. In 1984 NARS cosmetics created their iconic bronzer which is still popular today. 

We moved on to the history of hair and had fun making a chart showing how hair styles evolved over time. 

We mixed, we touched, we analyzed, we discussed and we created shampoos, scents and tonics. 

Today we made bath salts. We tried the product and we were proud of our results. The bath salt felt incredibly smooth on our skin

A guest speaker who graduated from FIT, and who is a Professional Makeup Artist came to our class today.  She was very inspiring as she told us about her company and her travels around the world to lecture on the deeper meaning and culture of cosmetics. 

We have also been reviewing popular cosmetics that are on the market today. 

We become very critical when reviewing someone else’s product.  That is a good lesson to keep in mind when we each have our own cosmetic companies. Be critical! Quality control is very important.

-Sasha Worenklein

Introducing New Precollege Blogger – Tori

Hey loves! My name is Tori and I’m 17 years old from New Joisy. Yes, I just said New Joisy. No I am not Snooki but, I guess you can consider me a Jersey Girl who spends their summers at the shore and FIT (of course). This semester I am taking the course HCM 190: The Beauty Business-Art & Science of Cosmetics and Fragrance. The course is about teaching students the history of cosmetics and fragrance and being able to work in FIT’s laboratory to develop bath and cosmetic products. To say I am excited to take this class is an understatement.

Fashion and Beauty are my obsession. As a little girl I would either be going through my mom or grandmas makeup bag, or be out shopping for bold and bright clothes. It wasn’t till I was a freshman in high school that I realized  I could make a career out of fashion. I always knew that there were fashion designers, but I was not aware of all the business aspects the industry has to offer. As of now I have a pretty strong idea of what I want to do after high school. If accepted into FIT (fingers crossed), I want to double major in Fashion Merchandising Management and Cosmetics Fragrance Marketing. My dream job would be to be a buyer for a fashion and cosmetics company.

Last semester at FIT, I took the course in Fabric Styling. The course taught me the basic fundamentals of color theory and how to create a presentation board to display work. The projects were just like real life stylist assignments. Each student chose a celebrity and styled them for photo shoots, home, and everyday wear. Overall, I would recommend this class to any student interested in the Fashion Industry.

An opportunity to blog for FIT is such an honor and accomplishment for me. I am excited to share my insight with you on everything FIT has to offer. Stay reading!

Xoxo Tori