Instructor Spotlight: Nicole Truscinski

Nicole Truscinski is an archivist at a leading American fashion company and spent several years at New York Vintage, a vintage rental showroom that caters to the fashion and entertainment industries. She is a graduate of the FIT Advertising and Marketing Communications program, along with the Fashion Merchandising Management Associate’s program. She is also a graduate of the Costume Studies MA program at NYU. Fashion and costume history are her passions, and when she’s not flipping through old issues of Harper’s Bazaar or watching classic films, she can most likely be found wandering the MET or the museum at FIT.
Nicole Truscinski teaches the following FIT Precollege Classes:
JSX 019 Fashion History: Trends Through the Decades
Teaching Philosophy:
My goal is to introduce my students to the resources and opportunities available to them and to help them lay the foundation to achieve their dreams.
Industry Experience/Recent Exhibitions:
  • 11th Annual Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design exhibition at the FIDM Museum in Los Angeles
  • Co-curated the exhibition Performing Fashion: New York City at NYU’s 80WSE Gallery
  • Consultant on period costume design for film

Instructor Spotlight: Darryl Glover

Darryl Glover’s fashion portfolio includes commercial, editorial, and celebrity styling, as well as costume design. Professor Glover joined the FIT family in 2008 as a student of the Continuing Education Department. After completing the Fashion Styling & Costume Design certificate programs, he joined Local 764 Wardrobe Union where he began as a costumer for the Metropolitan Opera. He also acts as a Creative Director for young artists. In 2013 Professor Glover returned to FIT to begin his tenure as a classroom teacher. He returns semester after semester with exciting new experiences to share with his students. Outside of the classroom, he spends time dressing the who’s who of Young Hollywood.


Prof. Glover teaches the following FIT Precollege Classes:
JSX 045: Careers in Fashion Styling

Teaching Philosophy:
Students can’t be what they don’t see. I pride myself on exposure and try to create as many opportunities for hands-on experiences as possible. I tell my students that we are all students and that the experiences we create together are the teacher.

Industry Experience/Recent Exhibitions:

  • Key Costumer – Ryan Murphy’s POSE on FX, 2018
  • Published in July 2018 issue of VOGUE Magazine (POSE FX)
  • Best Dressed List, Celebrity Stylist – Elle, Esquire, E!
  • Best Dressed – Golden Globes 2018, Caleb McLaughlin, Stranger Things
  • American Ballet Theatre, Nutcracker

In the Halls: Hayden

Precollege Programs at FIT, high school student

Summer 2018, photo by Kendra

Student: Hayden from Birmingham, AL

Program: Summer Live 2018

Precollege Course: HAC 066: Digital and Interactive Marketing

Describe your personal style?
I personally dress from all departments of a store.  I don’t feel the need to restrict fashion to a certain gender.  To me, clothes are clothes, and I can rock it as long as it matches my makeup.
Where do you go on your breaks from class?
I always go to Starbucks!  I don’t sleep enough, ever!
What is your favorite thing about FIT?
My favorite thing about FIT is the accepting, supporting, and uplifting community of like-minded individuals who all come from different backgrounds but work together to learn.
Who or what inspires you?
Besides big influencers like Manny Mua, Jeffree Star, and James Charles, music inspires me the most.
What do you want to do after you graduate from College?
I want to continue my career in cosmetics marketing.  I have already started unlike most of my peers.

Classroom Close-Up: Esther-Virginia

Photo by Kendra

Student: Esther-Virginia from Italy

Program: Summer Middle School Workshops

Precollege Course: JSX 038 Multiple Media Workshop

What are you currently working on?
A collage on canvas
What do you like best about your class?

I like trying new materials and not having to follow the rules with my work. I also love drawing!

What is your favorite thing about Precollege?

FIT is a great university and I’m happy to be doing this experience and meeting new friends and trying new things. 

Where do you get your ideas? What inspires you?

From my life experience, my family and what I do in my everyday life

Classroom Close-Up: Anyah

Photo by Mahalia

Student: Anyah from Bronx NY

Program: Saturday Live Spring 2018

Precollege Course: JSX 005 Intro to Photography

What are you currently working on?

In class we are learning the basics of photography, like bug’s eye view, aperture, ISO, shutter speed, etc.

What do you like best about your class?

Having fun, meeting new people, and taking photos all the time.

What is your favorite thing about Precollege?

Learn how to become adult, help others like inspiring them, and learning work related things.

Where do you get your ideas? What inspires you?

All over. My classmates and teachers, the internet, my imagination.