Everything Good Must Come to an End

The last day of FIT cannot compare to the last day of regular school… I truly feel so sad the last day of every semester here. Some girls in my class were saying today that they feel like a part of their life will be gone after today, and I can completely understand where they are coming from. Although these classes are a lot of work, the accomplishment you feel at the end is fantastic, especially when you put all the effort you could in everything assigned to you. You leave with no regrets. I want to give all of you the biggest virtual hug for reading my posts week after week, and hope that you  enjoyed them and you gained something from each and every one! It is such an amazing opportunity to get to share my experiences every week with you guys, it surpasses any other way to express my thoughts, feelings, or how my day went.

Now, I think you’re curious as to how my last day was. Well, in my Ins and Outs of Fashion Merchandising class we went to the fur manufacturer as I said last week. It is such an interesting place! The two men that run the place explained to us how they are manufacturing furs 8-9 months in advance, they’re working on Fall 2013 right now. They make designs for Michael Kors, Vince, Theory, Helmut Lang, Elizabeth & James and many more! The pieces in there were absolutely gorgeous, I wish I took pictures. Excitingly, they were selling sample scarfs, hats, mittens and a few other things so of course, I had to buy something… I’ll post what I got below, it’s a gorgeous burgundy scarf. By the way, I know this is kind of a controversial topic and by no means am I fully for fur and condone it but I am not completely against it either. After this we went back to the school and went to a holiday party, there was chocolate fondue, a Christmas movie playing, gingerbread houses to make, a photography booth, and a place to make cards for the victims killed in the Connecticut shooting on Friday. All my class had time for was to make the cards, but it was still fun and for a wonderful cause. I don’t even like talking about the shooting, it makes me so upset, I cannot fathom what those people had to go through. Furthermore, we got some free stuff at the end like sunglasses, hats, drawstring bags (who doesn’t love free stuff??).


In Fabric Styling we had one more project to do, so I worked on that the whole time basically. I chose Nylon magazine and created an editorial for it. Since Nylon incorporates pop culture into their magazine I wanted to base my editorial off of The Great Gatsby, which is coming out in May 2013. I picked out an elegant, upscale, European style mansion for my location and went with “pastels in winter” and outwear for my product.

So, guys, we’re at the end of this post, I’m actually overly sad right now… I know I’m dramatic, but all I can say is Thank You!  I encourage every one of you out there to take a class at FIT, even if you think fashion, photography, art, whatever, isn’t “your thing”, try it anyway because you never know! So many students come into these classes worried that they won’t be good as everyone else but that is never  the case because practically everyone feels the same way. Between experiences, knowledge, friends, and so much more, you come out of these classes with a whole mind set changed, whether it’d be from what you want to pursue in life or what you’ll be doing in your spare time now!

Farewell fellow fashionistas!
Have a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year!

Fashionably Yours,

Looking Back

You can have the utmost experience in something and still have room for improvement, that’s just how it is.

Over the course of these last few weeks I have felt like I have improved dramatically in every aspect of my classes here. The difference with this semester compared to others was that this time around I took two classes, which meant a lot more work but also a lot more improvement on my part…and I clearly see it.

As for my morning class, The Ins and Outs of Fashion Merchandising, I got my “decade” project back and I got an A! I was so happy when I saw my grade, receiving A’s in these classes is such an achievement for me and is what I work for over these months. Like I said, although I may have gotten an A, there is still room for improvement. One of my weaknesses is definitely presenting and talking in front of a class. However, this past week I showcased a “Fall Trends” PowerPoint presentation and I just felt so comfortable presenting it. My professor noted how comfortable I looked presenting and it made me feel really good.

In my fabric styling class, we presented our second project this week and it could not have been better! Well, other than the fact that I finished one of the boards two seconds before I had to present! Overall the boards came out really great though. I’m so anxious to see my grade!

“Palermo” dress product board

“Palermo” (Italy) – AKA Olvia Palermo’s clothing line :)

If you go back to this post, you can see my first project from this class and compare them.  The difference is noticeable! Just remember to try your hardest in everything you do at FIT because if you really want something, you’ll achieve it sooner or later! It worked out that way for me!

By the way, I’m considering taking In-Store Marketing and Retail Event Planning next semester, has anyone ever taken that class, if so, how was it?

Fashionably Yours,


Fashion Design AAS Exhibition + Final Projects

I wanted to dedicate a post solely to the Fashion Design AAS Exhibition that was inspired by the ADRIAN in the 1940’s. These garments are designed for Spring/Summer 2013. Let me just tell you that I was so amazed by all of the work  I
witnessed in the John E. Reeves Great Hall today! I am no Karl Lagerfeld by any means, but I am aware of the hard work, dedication and creativeness it takes to execute a garment.  I am especially impressed when they are as amazing as the ones I will show below. I included the names of the designers for these garments because I just couldn’t go without giving credit. The most astonishing part of all of this is that these are only second year students! I can only imagine what their work will be like when they graduate! First, the exhibit started off with showing the designer’s sketches and what inspired them. The sketches speak for themselves, they are just as good as the designs.

Here are the designs that really stood out to me. From left to right starting on the top the garments are designed by: Camilla Leta Castro, Ayse Akin, Gihyang Kahn, Nelly Guinand, Emily Hyejung and Amber Younghams. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t be surprised if one ore more of these individuals who have had garments shown in the exhibit will be a top designer within a few years!


Sadly, classes are coming to an end and that means one thing: final projects!  I am going to be super busy this week between school work, tests, completing my final project for my merchandising class and one of my projects for my fabric styling class.  I should get working on both right now as a matter of fact.  For my merchandising class, we have to present Fall 2012 trends, colors, fabrics and prints in a PowerPoint presentation.  I’ve been hearing about Prezi presentations a lot lately. I may try that out too.  For fabric styling, we were put in groups and chose a celebrity to create a brand for.  Our group chose Olivia Palermo.  Pictures will be coming soon!  After this semester, my next major decision is deciding what class I am going to take next semester! Ahhh…it’s so hard!  There are too many options!

Fashionably Yours,

Being in my Element

I just finished writing a personal narrative for my English class, in “regular” high school, by the way. We were given pretty general directions which enabled us to choose basically anything we wanted to write about. I chose to write about finding my passion, which is essentially when I am in my element. The term “being in your element” stems from a book I was required to read titled The Element by Ken Robinson. It wasn’t the most exciting book, but it presented a good topic. Being in your element is defined as “the place where passion and skill meet”. In other words, it’s something you not only enjoy, but excel at as well. In my essay, I discussed trying to “find myself” earlier in life.  I discussed the trials of exploring different activities, such as joining sports teams, and not feeling as if those we the best suited for me.

Can you guess what I included in half of my essay? FIT and fashion, of course!

Here’s a little part of my essay:

At the end of the day, I realize that these classes are way more than just a learning experience for me; they have changed me in so many different ways. When I step on to FIT’s campus, I’m filled with independence.  I have an attitude that anything is possible because I am in my element. The fact that I am surrounded by what I love and people who love the same thing as me for an entire day stimulates me to exude confidence and happiness, unintentionally. I also acquire a sense of  feeling carefree, which stems from the comfort and liberalness that I pick up. Additionally, because I am in my element, I am inspired to reach out and aim for any opportunity I can receive. This mix of confidence and inspiration has led me to complete five FIT classes in addition to my high school studies, become a blogger for FIT, start my own blog six months ago and serve on Nordstrom’s fashion board.  These opportunities would never have been accomplished if it weren’t for me finding my element.  Finally, I feel as if FIT and its classes provide an escape for me.  When I’m there, I am able to leave everything behind and focus on the one thing that lifts my mood, despite the situation.


I suggest everyone discover The Element and get a feel for what the author portrays as “the element”.   I think it could benefit each and everyone of us. FIT is such a career-focused school.  If you come here, you should know what you want to study here because there’s no “deciding” time once your in. Therefore, reading The Element will help drive your dedication to whatever your passion is.

Today my fabric styling class went to MOOD and M&J Trimming. Both places were great, I can’t wait to go back!  I have to say though, my favorite part of my experience was seeing “Swatch”, the owner’s dog at MOOD. I’ve seen him before on Project Runway, but when I saw him in real life, I thought I saw a celebrity!  That’s how excited I got.


Fabrics galore!

By the way, can you believe there’s only three more classes left! That’s crazy! When I was looking at my calendar, I was expecting five or six more!

Fashionably Yours,


Just Express Yourself!

There is one thing that I hear time and time again: the majority of students at FIT feel like they’re able to express themselves and wear whatever they want when they come here. This is the great thing about FIT; the people that come here don’t feel judged or pressured to look a certain way. Even some girls I was talking to today were saying how they look forward to coming to FIT every Saturday because they can get “dressed up” and wear stuff that won’t make them feel like an outsider, as it would at their regular high schools.

I think it’s wonderful, how FIT lets people feel this way unintentionally. I mean, FIT’s a school, so it doesn’t talk or have feelings…

However, I don’t see the reason why people don’t express themselves in regular school or at home as they do at FIT. I admit, a while back I didn’t always think like this, but now I’m realizing that the way I dress at home and at FIT aren’t much different. I want everyone to be like this. It goes to show how people truly aren’t themselves at home since FIT brings out a person’s “real self”. Just aim for your “FIT self” and “home self” to be the same person. That’s all I have to say.

Now, on to the fun stuff! This week in my fashion merchandising class our decade project was due. I chose the 90’s, wrote a report and created a powerpoint on the 90’s influences, trends, blah blah blah. Additionally, I dressed up as my decade. I wore velvet leggings, a plaid flannel, band tee and platform shoes. Oh and a hair scrunchie!

Next week in my fabric styling class we are going to Mood and I am just a bit excited. I can’t believe I’ve never been there, Mood to a fashion student is like peanut butter to jelly :)

Fashionably Truly,