Summer Live 2017: Week 1

What a great start to my first day in class!  Our first assignment after we chose partners was to recreate a bath and body works body mist called “Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin”.

Each pair of partners had a tray of 4 different scented liquids to use in order to recreate the  scent.  My partner and I found it hard to keep it from smelling too floral. Then we made it smell too much like hand sanitizer and no one wants their perfume smelling like that.  We finally managed to get it to close to the scent. The fragrance smelled sweet, a little floral, and a touch of spice. Almost perfect.  The best part was we got to take the fragrance we made home!


Today we learned how to make rose water toner. We broke off each petal of the rose and put them in a “boat” which is a little bowl. We placed alcohol, acid, and aloe  in with the petals. Then we mixed the liquids with the petals until it was ready to be crushed into a funnel. When we crushed the rose petals with the liquids through the funnel into a beaker, we actually created a pretty rose water toner. I loved that we got to take the beautiful product home with us!

The three hours of class flew by.  My next assignment is to create a timeline of the bronzer. Doing the research was fascinating, and I look forward to sharing my findings with all of you next week.

– Sasha

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