Instructor Spotlight: Jessy Ventura

Jessy Ventura has worked as a visual merchandiser for over 6 years for a variety of companies. She is a graduate of FIT’s Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design program. She started out her career working directly for a mannequin company. This position gave her an opportunity to gain inside knowledge and understanding of props and mannequins. Over the years she has worked for various companies such as Massimo Dutti, Burberry, Patek Philip, French Connection, Milly NYC, And Patina-V. Her most recent role at Massimo Dutti allowed her to travel around the USA, Canada, and Europe creating elaborate and exciting window displays.

Instructor Ventura teaches the following FIT Precollege Classes:
HSX 060 Mannequin Madness

Window by Jessy Ventura, Massimo Dutti

Teaching Philosophy:

My goal is for students to gain insight into the industry by providing them with examples from my personal experiences. I encourage students to contribute to discussions and share their ideas. All ideas are celebrated and utilized in some way. Students explore their creativity, have fun, and ultimately decide if this industry is a good fit for their skill set.

On Precollege Programs:

Precollege Programs are amazing in a way they help students hone in on their interests and work on improvements. Unfortunately, when I was in high school I was unaware that they existed. I applied to FIT in my senior year and wasn’t accepted the first time. I knew this is where I wanted to be so I took night classes, got good grades, and applied again. The second time was a charm and I was in, I started in the Fashion Merchandising Management major. I hated it. I misunderstood what it was. I later transferred to Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design. This is a prime example of why Precollege Programs are there. Students can get a feel for what they really want by trying different majors out, and see which one really intrigues them. I am honored to have the opportunity to show my students how amazing Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design is.

Window by Jessy Ventura






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