Introducing Precollege Blogger: Faith

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Hello FIT! My name is Faith Vogel, I am a high school sophomore born and raised in the suburbs of North Jersey. It takes about thirty minutes to drive into New York City from my home, not counting the two hours it usually takes me to figure out what I’m going to wear before leaving my house. I am very fortunate to have an amazing family that will drop everything to bring me into the city. Whether it be for a walk around central park, to pick up a treat from Magnolia’s Bakery, or to shop around SoHo until we can’t feel our legs. Often times I take the convenience of living so close for granted.

Compared to my home in Jersey, New York City is a whole other universe. Here I am surrounded by a community where everyone knows everyone’s business. When I venture into the city I am exposed to a fast paced urban jungle full of endless opportunities and millions of individuals. Being able to experience the cultural differences from both my mellow suburban town and the fast paced urban lifestyle of NYC has allowed me to view the world from multiple perspectives. If I would have grown up any further from the city I probably wouldn’t have been exposed it’s constant inspirational and influential society, and most importantly I wouldn’t have fallen in love with FIT. I still remember last spring when I was getting ready to sign up for my first Precollege class here at FIT and having such a hard time choosing between the variety of classes they offer. As I was looking at the list of classes I just kept scrolling back and forth wanting to take every single class. Finally after several hours of difficult eliminations, I came up with HFS 182 Developing an Eye for Styling, and let me tell you, best decision I ever made. I had an amazing professor and awesome classmates. When the program ended I couldn’t wait to sign up for my next class and now here I am eagerly waiting for my class of Fashion Forecasting.

I always had the dream to one day become the next Rachel Zoe, I grew up inspired by her style and love for fashion. I still remember coming home from school seeing my older sister watching the Rachel Zoe Project and I’d plop down next to her and watch for hours on end mesmerized by her job and lifestyle. Ever since then it has been my dream to become a celebrity stylist and a fashion icon, but recently I have decided to explore the world of fashion merchandising. With the help of my amazing marketing teacher at my school I have been exposed to marketing in fashion and I already want to learn more. So thankfully this time around I didn’t have such a hard time picking out my class. I went straight down the list, clicked on fashion forecasting and got out my mom’s credit card faster than when Adele announced her tour tickets, so hopefully this semester will be just a fab as the last! Thank you for reading my first blog, See you soon!

-Faith Isabelle





2 responses to “Introducing Precollege Blogger: Faith”

  1. John Avatar

    Can’t wait to hear more about the fashion forcasting precollege program. Great opportunity to find out if you like a career path.

  2. Samantha Avatar

    I’m looking forward to your next blog post, Faith!