Welcome Back Precollege Blogger: Kaela


Hi again! For those of you that are new to my blog posts, my name is Kaela and I am 15 years old. Growing up in a relatively small town in Connecticut, I’ve found that everyone has a passion, and whether you are a sports fanatic or a theater kid, you have to figure out what your own passion is. When I was in first grade, I found mine. I have always been interested in anything that is even remotely related to the large world of fashion: the culture, the construction, and especially the design.

As I told you all last spring, my passion for design was fist ignited when my incredibly influential math tutor, Nancy, gave me my first sewing machine. Nancy, a devoted grandmother who loved children and quilting, always had an exquisite new pattern neatly placed on the floor of her office. I was too shy to ask about it, so I just admired the great work of art from a far. After weeks of my some-what-secret admiration, I asked her about her hobby. We would talk for hours about the experiences she’s had and the pieces she’s made, and with every story, I wanted even more to learn the amazing skill of sewing. One day, Nancy was extra ebullient as I walked up the long pathway leading to her home. She ushered me inside and explained there was a “special surprise” waiting for me in the office. I eagerly walked up the spiral staircase leading to my surprise, and to my amazement, Nancy presented her own sewing machine. She told me her plan to give me the beautiful Singer ever since she caught me marveling at her quilts. Nancy told me how important it is to find a passion and she encouraged me to pursue it.

This spring, I am taking the  level 2 “ HPM 071 Patternmaking and Sewing” Precollege course here at FIT. I am so excited to grow more as a designer, as well as build on the knowledge that I gained in “HAP 025 Sewing for Fashion Designers,” “Fabulous World of Fashion Forecasting,” and “HAP 153 Intermediate Sewing and Embroidery”. I am especially excited to begin class this spring because I will have the chance to reconnect with friends from previous semesters! Since starting Precollege at FIT, I have formed so many strong friendships. When we are not helping each other in class, or grabbing a coffee at break, my friends and I keep in touch in between semesters. Precollege at FIT is so unique in that no matter what course you take, you will most definitely be surrounded by passionate, caring individuals who will push you to be your best!

I am looking forward to another great semester, and I am very excited to be here with you on the Precollege blog! See you next time!