A Precollege Student’s Guide to NYC

NYCHi Everyone!

After reading my blog last week, hopefully all of you have found a great new friend who can join you in exploring the big city!  FIT classes are obviously the best part of the day, but before and after class, and during breaks, here are a list of restaurants, museums and shops that you and your new friends should visit!

Restaurants: My friends and I love all of these places to eat because they are within walking distance of FIT and are all extremely good. There are a few café’s that are nice for the fifteen minute breaks (times may vary) that are given during workshops/classes. There are some restaurants near FIT that are a good option for after and before classes!

  • GiGi’s Café (no reservation required), 307 7th Ave. New York NY
  • Cafeteria (reservation required), 119 7th Ave. New York NY, 1 (212) 414 1717
  • Antique Café, 234 W 27th St. New York NY
  • Green Tomato, 295 7th Ave. New York NY
  • Argo Tea Café, 275 7th Ave. New York NY

Shops: Next is my personal favorite, the shops!  Some of these stores are located in SoHo, which is about fifteen minutes from FIT, but are definitely worth going to with your friends after or before class!

  • Brandy Melville (my favorite in the city because there are others), 499 Broadway St. New York NY (located in SoHo)
  • Zara, 580 Broadway St. New York NY (located in SoHo)
  • Urban Outfitters (Near FIT), 1333 Broadway New York NY
  • H & M (Near FIT), 435 7th Ave. New York NY

Museums: Last but not least is a list of great museums with changing exhibits monthly. The FIT museum is definitely the best for fashion exhibits. Last semester my class went to the featured Yves St. Laurent and Halston exhibit, the Lauren Bacall exhibit (which were open to the public) , as well as the Vintage Costume exhibition (that was only available for Precollege and FIT classes.)

  • The Museum at FIT, 227 W 27th St, New York, NY 10001
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1000 5th Ave. New York NY
  • Art Scene, E 28th St. New York NY
  • Rubin Art Museum, W 17th St. New York NY

Thanks for reading! If you decide to go to any of these locations, please comment on your favorites and what you thought of them!