And then there were none.

So, this Saturday was the last class.

Which was not cool. At all. What am I going to do on Saturdays if I’m not at FIT? Sleep?

(What a novel concept!)

Anyways, surprisingly, I did not cry during my last day.

Not surprisingly, I did not finish my dress. I did sew most of my dress, though. I got the sides, the collar, and pretty much everything but the hems and the middle sash done. (I ditched the pockets, due to my laziness and my knowing that I don’t really use pockets anyways. If I have to carry something, I’ll have a bag.)

I wish I had just one more hour to finish the dress up. I have a sewing machine at my house, but the ones at class are just so nice and perfect and beautiful.

I plan to finish it this upcoming weekend. (I guess I could do it when I would usually be at class?)

Other than that, I also had my last picnic! It was a great picnic; however, it was a shame that it was the last one. And, as mentioned in my previous post, I made chocolate chip cookies. (They were fab, even the day after.)

And here I close this chapter of my life.

It is like one of those books where there should be another chapter or another something because it was so amazing and wonderful. (You know what I mean, right?)

However, there shall be a sequel! I’ll back to FIT over the summer (I couldn’t stay away!) for the menswear sewing class, and also right after my finals for a self-branding class or whatever it’s really called.

Perchance I’ll see you then?



P.S. Wondering what I’m doing till then? I’ll be listening to MS MR all day (well, whenever school’s not in) and tumblring at