The end (of class) is nigh!

And I sigh.

The last day of class is next class, and all I want to do is cry and never step out of my classroom ever.

(Can I just stay forever?)

So in preparation for tomorrow, I baked some cookies. After all, a picnic is a great way to spend the last break of the class, right?

I surely do think so!

And in case you were wondering, they were chocolate-chip vegan cookies, as I eat cruelty-free nowadays. (And to clear it up, a vegan diet doesn’t equal kale, quinoa, and health-foods all the time, even though I do love me some kale.)

They still taste absolutely fabulous, though, in my opinion. I might just be biased. Oops.

My goals for tomorrow are:

1.)    To not bawl. At all. Some tears are okay, but don’t go overboard, self.

2.)    To get the majority of my dress done. Hopefully everything but the hems. That might just be wishful thinking, however.

3.)    To have fun, of course! That’s the best way, in my opinion, to round out a goals list. Nice and happy and positive.

I say good-bye for now.

Tomorrow I say hello to my final class. Then there’s a good-bye that’s a bit more permanent.