There can only be one (left)

There’s only one class left. Which is totally a crying shame. And perchance even a crime too!

I jest, I jest.

So on Saturday, I first had a panic attack. I had taken out some bags that were presumably full of fabric, and just fabric.

However, I thought that I had accidentally taken my zipper out, as I could not find it in my pile of fabric in the little closet where our stuff is kept while we’re not there.

After I got over my initial panicking, I went back into the closet to see if I had just overlooked it.

There was no zipper.

Though there was an awfully familiar bag.

So I went and looked in the bag.

It was my bag. In there was my zipper. My behind was saved! My dress could be made!

I then set up my machine with the cool invisible zipper foot, and sewed on my invisible zipper.

It was a blast; invisible zippers are super easy to put in, not to mention amusing!

Then I just sewed and sewed some more.

Afterwards, I went to the subway and traveled to Brooklyn.

I ended up exiting in Bushwick, and I found that the part of it which I was in to be very industrial.

The Shop-Up was in a bar, so with the large amount of people there it was jam-packed.

The food was delish, though. I wish I could eat lunch there every day. Yum!

There was chocolate, cookies, cinnamon buns, and a whole lot of other desserts, all cruelty-free. There was other food, too. I had a delish sandwich. It was seitan BBQ, I believe. It was spicy and perfect and so yummy, wow. (Hail seitan!)

I totally recommend going over there, if you’re in the area. It’s monthly, I believe.

Totally wishing it was Saturday forever,