Style Influence Through Celebrities

Everyone has their own unique sense of style, and although many people are extremely different, there has to be at least one source of inspiration for everyone. I get the majority of mine from blogs, which led me to create one of my own: The City Closet. I love how blogger style’s aren’t “made-up” and are more like street style and what they wear day-to-day to class, or just to get coffee.

The topic of inspiration goes along perfectly with the project I just finished for my fabric styling class. (I’ve talked about the project before it was to choose a celebrity, most likely one that inspires your style and create a few boards: a color board, style board, and celebrity profile board.) I chose Alexa Chung, who is my all time favorite celebrity style inspiration. Alexa uses menswear style inspiration, but still manages to keep a feminine silhouette. For my project I still wanted to keep her style but wanted to “push the bar” just a bit. Alexa rarely incorporates grunge into her looks so I made sure to incorporate more grunge in my boards but still keeping her feminine yet masculine style.

Here are my three boards:
This is my color board. I tried to show neutral colors but also muted colors like the soft reds and greens. Aside from neutrals Alexa wears a lot of black and white which is why I made the girl in the black and white ensemble the main focal point.
This is my celebrity profile board which I kept simple. I added supergas because Alexa’s the spokesperson for them, a 24 Hour Catwalk ad since she’s the host, and a Vogue logo because Alexa is one of the contributing editors at British Vogue. She’s British if you didn’t know by the way!
This is the style board where I chose pieces that I would style Alexa in if I were her stylist. Like I said, I incorporated pretty, lace blouses but also “grungy” plaid shirts and leather jackets to balance the two different styles out. Most of all I added that mix of denim in the upper right hand corner because Alexa wears A LOT of denim which looked great against the polka dot background.
Who is your celebrity style icon?
Fashionably Truly,